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Top 6 Women’s Health Supplements

Top 6 Women’s Health Supplements   Walk into any supplement retail store and you’re likely to notice shelves of unique, patented products claiming to have “cutting-edge” ingredients that will give […]

Krill Oil: Is it better than Fish Oil?

WHAT ARE OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS? Omega-3 fatty acids are a class of polyunsaturated fats that are essential for optimum health and longevity. We must obtain omega-3s through diet and/or supplementation […]

Help Prevent Skin Aging with Omega 3s

Photoaging is the process of aging of the skin due primarily to regular and long-term exposure to ultra-violet radiation. The long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) have been implicated […]

WATER How Much Do You Really Need?

“Oh! And one more thing!” I was speaking to a potential nutritional client who had just gone on for five minutes about all the things she wouldn’t do. “I won’t […]

How To Make a Fitness Comeback

There are many things that life can throw our way which may derail you from your fitness program: sickness, an injury, a life changing situation, a post contest rebound that […]

Fit Over 40

  … Hello Ladies! This is an introduction to welcome you to our new section of the Lean Body for Her newsletter entitled “FIT OVER 40.”  This is a monthly […]

Natural Ways to Build Immunities & Stay Healthy During Cold & Flu Season

It’s that time of year, the ever dreaded cold and flu season. Cold weather comes for a visit, and with it brings lots of viruses and illnesses. We spend more […]

The 5 Most Essential Vitamins and Supplements for Active Women

Have you felt lethargic despite getting enough sleep (an average of seven to nine hours per night)? You may be iron-deficient. Have you had extended muscle soreness or severe spasms […]