Lucky Pot O’ Protein Shamrock Cupcakes

  Lucky Pot O’ Protein Shamrock Cupcakes   What a beautiful way to celebrate St. Patty’s Day with these scrumptious Shamrock Cupcakes! The light vanilla cakes are frosted with a […]

Vanilla Spice Doughnuts

There’s just something about doughnuts that I absolutely love! However, I don’t eat them that often because they are not exactly “healthy”…until now! My Vanilla Spice Donuts have no added […]

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Brownies

When you want a brownie, not much can take its place, right? How about a brownie that packs delicious taste and doesn’t leave you with any feelings of guilt? My […]


What’s better than sinking your teeth into warm, fluffy pancakes? How about knowing that they are good for you when you take every delicious bite? Not only are these Orange […]

Healthy Apple Crumble

There’s just something about the smell of warm apples and cinnamon filling your home on a crisp, autumn day. Typically, apple pies or apple crumbles are loaded with excess sugar […]

Pumpkin Pie Mini’s

The season of pumpkin everything is almost here! What better time than to bring to you my Pumpkin Pie Mini’s. You basically get your own little mini pumpkin pie; how […]

Orange Creamsicle Froyo

This is a froyo (frozen yogurt…let’s get with the times people) that you can feel pretty awesome about eating. It has a smooth creaminess with a zing that will fire […]


My Baked Cinnamon Streusel Stuffed Peaches are such a delicious treat that you would want to eat them for breakfast and for dessert. The sweet peaches are stuffed with a […]


How about a cool, refreshing smoothie to enjoy during the hot summer months that will satisfy you and curb your cravings for hours while you soak up those rays?! My […]

Strawberry French Toastwiches

This breakfast is delicious enough to eat as a dessert! Regardless of whatever time of day you decide to enjoy this treat, it will be a party for your taste […]