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WATER How Much Do You Really Need?

“Oh! And one more thing!” I was speaking to a potential nutritional client who had just gone on for five minutes about all the things she wouldn’t do. “I won’t […]


How about a cool, refreshing smoothie to enjoy during the hot summer months that will satisfy you and curb your cravings for hours while you soak up those rays?! My […]

Strawberry Protein Roll

INGREDIENTS ROLL • 6 egg whites • 1 cup stevia • 1/3 cup water • 1 tsp vanilla • 1 scoop Jamie Eason’s vanilla protein • 1/4 cup oat flour […]


We’ve all declared the words; “I’ll start on Monday”. Whether we are referring to a new nutritional approach or exercise program. If you’re like me you’ve “rededicated” your fitness lifestyle […]

Blueberry Lemonade Protein Blondies

INGREDIENTS Cake • 4 egg whites • ¼ cup lemon juice • ½ cup blueberries • ¼ cup coconut oil, melted • ¾ cup almond milk • 2 scoops Lean […]

Don’t Let Vacation Kill Your Workout

“Where are you going?” my mother-in-law asks as my husband and I begin to silently slip on our tennis shoes. It’s a little past 2 PM in Greece and, according […]

Dark Chocolate Fudge Protein Pie

Chocolate is undeniably wonderful, but dark chocolate holds a special place in our hearts. Try this easy-to-make Dark Chocolate Fudge Protein Pie. You’ll thank me! INGREDIENTS CRUST • 1 scoop […]

15 Ways to Get More Protein Into Your Diet

Protein is an essential component of a balanced diet. Consuming an adequate amount of protein will lead to faster recovery, more energy, and better performance. Lean meats are the most […]

Strawberry French Toastwiches

This breakfast is delicious enough to eat as a dessert! Regardless of whatever time of day you decide to enjoy this treat, it will be a party for your taste […]