Ultimate Frisbee fitness

The fastest growing participation sport is Ultimate Frisbee. This sport combines the activities of Frisbee and football/rugby. The teams work together to attempt to forward the disc by throwing it to team mates. It is forwarded until the disc enters the end zone.

Conditioning for this sport requires basic fitness and obvious skill at throwing and catching a Frisbee. General running for distance training less than a mile will suffice.

Moving requires flexibility and stamina. Begin by running to warm up and follow with some basic stretches. Do approximately 20-30 jumping jacks. Draw a line on the ground and jump back and forth across the line. Repeat approximately 20-30 times. Practice running 10 yards quickly and repeat 10 times.

Use a 5 pound weight and practice taking it from the ground between your feet and then lift it over your head 10-20 times. Move quickly to a bent-kneed sit-up position and perform them for 10-25 times. Run another set of 10 yard runs for another 10 times.

Use a five pound weight that is resting on one side of your body. Place both hands on the weight and raise it off the ground, then over the head and place it back on the opposite side and then overhead return it to the starting point. Do this 10 to 25 times.

Yours in Health!

Dr. David Ryan

Columbus Chiropractic Center Director