Two Tips For Improving Your Bodybuilding Training

Bodybuilding is a sport that takes a large amount of time and commitment to reach your goals. Being that progress does not happen over night, if your not careful months can go by without making any. Aside from my normal weekly monitoring, every quarter of the year I set down and analyze my training and nutrition. I take an in depth look what has been working and what has not. The amount of knowledge that you can gather from this is priceless, and I encourage everyone beginner to advanced to do the same. Below are a few of the items that I have learned over the last 3 months.

Arm Training With Tri Sets

A major goal in my improvement season was to increase the size of my arms. So far I had been very successful in doing so. With careful weekly measurements I had noticed my arm growth had stagnated for a few weeks. The following 3 weeks tri-sets were implemented into my arm training. A tri-set is an 3 exercises for the same muscle group, followed immediately one after another without break. For arms I was using 3 exercises I had been using in great success prior, but this time in a tri-set fashion. The volume of the workout was the same, but the weight used for the 2nd and 3rd exercise was reduced in comparison to normal due to the fatigue from the prior movement. After the 3rd week of training in this fashion my arm size had dropped about a ¼ inch. I immediately returned to my previous straight set style of training and quickly gained the arm size back. Due to curiosity about 9 weeks later I reintroduced the tri sets again. After week 2 the tape measure did not lie, and I once again saw a drop in size.

Even though there was not progress made for a few weeks due to this trial, there was a lot of knowledge gained. I now know that tri-sets do not work for my arms personally. I also see how critical it is to track your progress on a regular basis. If it had not been for my regular measurements, this is something I would continue to mix into my training sporadically.

Utilizing a Training Partner

When it comes to my training I am very stubborn about what I train, when I train, where I train etc… Because of the multitude of stipulations I place on my training, I usually train by myself. Over the last month I began working out with another local competitor. The change has made a dramatic difference in my training, not only intensity, but also the additional variables you can add to the workout.

After the first week of training with this individual, we were both sore to an extent that neither of us had experienced in some time. When you train with a partner that has your same competitive desire, each and every rep begins to count. As much as you want to believe your always going all out, your usually still a little short. I was also for the first time in awhile able to include forced reps, negatives, iso-holds and other intensity techniques.

I realize that having a training partner is not for everyone. I do feel that if you find someone you are compatible with and have similar goals that it can take your training to another level. There some a point when having the availability to add additional training techniques and a small extra push do make a difference. Even if it’s a small difference they all add up after years of training.

These were the 2 major keys that I can pick out of my last quarter of training that I will carry forward with me. As shown above with tri-sets you can also learn from your mistakes and apply it forward so that they are not repeated. If your not currently training with a partner I also suggest giving it a try. Although these 2 items are specifically related to my training, I urge you to take the time and review what knowledge you have gained over the last quarter and pay it forward to the rest of your journey. It will make things a lot easier!

About the Author

DSC_9331Marc Snyder is an active NPC Bodybuilder and current 2013 Mr Ohio. Marc has created a balance in his life with the sport he loves and the family of 2 kids and a wife that he lives for. Marc has been involved in many avenues of the fitness industry. He is a certified personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach. He also has experience in clinical exercise physiology working in the field for nearly 2 years.

It is now Marc’s goal to educate and guide individuals through yèt-their health and fitness journey by utilizing the knowledge he has gained over the years. He operates an online nutrition and training website to help people. achieve their goals.

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