The Triple Transition Tricep Trasher

You’ve just done some heavy compound work like close grip bench presses or weighted dips. With your power and mass builders complete you’re now thinking about a finishing move to fill up those horseshoes. On top of that great feeling you get when you engorge a muscle with blood that pump is also bringing in nutrients and increasing your growth hormone levels. Growth hormone has a very strong anabolic and fat burning effect on the body. Well here’s a finishing move that will pump up your triceps bigger than Arnold’s ego. I’ve developed this three phase giant set with transitions that run smoother than a Brazilian wax.

The Set Up Before The Trashing

Attach a straight bar from a high cable pulley. Preferably a straight bar with neutral grips at the ends or better yet, attach a pair of GlobeGripz to the ends of a straight bar. Stand, facing the weight stack with a slight bend at the waist. Your elbows should point straight down throughout all three phases and your wrists should stay in line with your forearms. Do not allow your wrists to bend, especially in the first phase. The key to this entire process involves exactly how you grip the bar so pay close attention to detail.

Phase One

Your first grip in this series will be a reverse or supinated grip, hands about shoulder width apart. This grip puts your pressing power at a great disadvantage and that’s precisely why it’s first in the series. Choose a weight you can reverse grip tricep pressdown for about 12 reps. You’ll need to determine this weight through trial but start on the lighter side and add more plates until you find your target rep range. This is the weight you will use throughout all transitions. Perform about 12 reps in a strict reverse grip style.

Phase Two

Transition immediately into a neutral grip which will give you some new found pressing power. Press out as many reps as you can. You should get 10 or 12 reps before you reach failure.

Phase Three

Transition immediately to a pronated or palms down grip. This is the grip that puts your triceps in the most advantageous position for pressing strength. It’s time to reach down and muster up as much tricep power as you can find to grind out this last set to absolute failure.

Rest for one minute and start the process again. Perform three of four of these giant sets and your triceps should feel like over inflated tractor tires.

The Riddle of Steel

Arnold was always a big proponent of visualization. He strongly believed in the power of the mind over the body. He said that if you thought of your biceps as merely flesh and blood you could limit their growth. Instead he chose to think of his biceps as mountains with peaks reaching high into the sky. I remember watching him in Conan The Barbarian and the impact it had on my training. I would visualize scenes from the movie to motivate me though my workouts. Don’t think of this giant set as merely training your triceps. Imagine yourself as Conan the Barbarian wielding a trident as he fights a three headed monster.

About the Author
Jim Vaglica is a Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Team Labrada Athlete, Jim competed on the Reality TV shows American Grit, hosted by John Cena, and Mark Burnett’s Expedition Impossible. He is a Police Sergeant with 16 yrs on SWAT and the Owner of

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