The Shoulder Shocker!

This exercise was inspired by my good friend, former Navy SEAL, Lieutenant Stewart Smith.

The shoulders can be a difficult muscle group to develop. Try this awesome & outrageously INTENSE exercise circuit and you’re bound to get those shoulders in shape. 

Grab a pair of dumbbells – Don’t try and be a tough guy/girl here – Men try 10 pound DB’s & Ladies, try 2 ½ -5 pound DB’s…Trust Me! If you find that your first set is easy, then move up, but start here to get a sense of what you can handle, using PERFECT form.

This is a Standing 6 exercise Giant Set – You will perform 8 reps of each exercise, followed by 2 minutes worth of rest – Do 2 Giant Sets:

1) Lateral Raise – Palms face the sides of your body
2) Lateral Raise With Thumbs Pointed Up
3) Lateral Raise With Thumbs Pointed Down
4) Front Shoulder Raise – Arms straight (slight bend in elbows) and bring arms straight up, in FRONT of your body.
5) Circles – Begin with dumbbells placed in front of your thighs, with each end of the dumbbell touching.
Palms are facing away from the front of your body (thumbs are pointed out from the sides of body). 
With arms straight (slight bend in elbow), bring your arms out laterally and circle them up until you touch the ends of the dumbbells (the other sides now) at the top.
6) Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Make sure to keep that body anatomically aligned throughout the Giant Set – Begin by brining your feet about hip width apart – Keep a slight bend in the knees – Stick your butt out – Abs tight – Stick your chest out – Bring your shoulders back and keep them down (try not to shrug them) – Keep your head straight and look straight ahead at all times during the Giant Set.

You may have a tendency to use momentum, especially when you begin to exhaust the shoulder muscles. Stay in form and know that the better your form, the more work the shoulder muscles will be doing and the more productive the exercise will be for you – This is about maintaining the quality of the exercise – It’s not merely to meet the quantity goal. If you fall out of form and can no longer handle the Giant Set using perfect form, STOP, rest, lower the weight and begin again.

Keep Going!

James Villepigue CSCS