The 1,000 Push Up Challenge

The push up is the most basic bodyweight exercise and the most popular one as well. Chances are you learned how to do them in your first P.E. class back in kindergarten. As simple as it is to execute and as convenient it is to do anywhere at any time, most people don’t include them in their fitness program. They opt for free weights, machines, and other movements at the gym. If you’re one of those folks that have put pushups on the backburner, you’re about to be reintroduced to them in a big way.

This is a fitness challenge that may be easy for some of you but for others will be intimidating but I hope everyone that reads this at least considers it. The goal is to do 1,000 pushups from the time you wake up to the time you get ready for bed. That means if you sleep for eight hours a night then you have 16 hours to get it done. That seems simple enough, right? Don’t be too certain. Knocking out 50 or so may be easy for you but if you short for 50 each set then you have to do 20 sets to reach the 1,000. That is roughly 50 pushups every 45 minutes. Now it may seem a little tougher, huh? Keep in mind that if you’re working on the day you decide to do this then either you’ll have to perform the pushups before and after work or remember to get down and give as many as you can every half hour to an hour. If you forget to do your pushups at any point then you’ll have to double up when you remember to get them in.

What If You Are Just Getting Started?

Before you decide to skip out on this, I’ll throw some twists into it depending on your level of fitness. If you’re just now starting to focus on your health and are new to serious training, then you can perform them with your knees on the floor until your fitness levels improve.

What If You Very Advanced?

If you’re an advanced lifter and feel like this would be easy for you then I suggest you challenge yourself by either doing them with your feet elevated to increase resistance with your body alone, use push up handles to add depth to the exercise, or add a weighted vest.

Key Points To Remember

Don’t skimp out and do partial reps. Make sure you challenge yourself by going deep with every rep. If your chest doesn’t touch the floor, then it doesn’t count. Make sure you stretch often throughout the day to prevent cramping or injury while you’re taking on the push up challenge. Also keep yourself hydrated by drinking water before and after you do your pushups as well as throughout the course of the day. Finally, be prepared to be sore tomorrow if you do this because it will be a challenge that you’re not accustomed to.

If you do this, see how long it takes you and describe how you did it in the comments section. If 1,000 gets to be less challenging, shoot for 1,500 or even 2,000. Good luck and get to pushing.

About the Author

roger rockridgeRoger “ROCK” Lockridge is a writer whose work has been seen all over the world. He is most known as a writer for Iron Man Magazine and In 2009, he was named Male Writer of the Year which along with the Female award is the highest award for writers in the bodybuilding/fitness world.

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