Ready for a change in your routine? Then give this a try. You will do 100 reps total but there is not a set amount of reps per set nor is there a predetermined amount of sets. This could take you more than one read and multiple uses before you grasp it but it is challenging and fun. Once you try it you may decide to do it every week.

Let’s use chest as an example. Most people want thicker pecs. Grab a pair of dumbbells that are moderate for you (say 15-20 rep weight). You are going to do flyes. Start lifting and go until you reach failure. Let’s say you hit 25 reps before you have to stop. You take the number of reps you completed (25) and subtract that from 100. You end up with 75. You will rest for 75 seconds.

Now that 75 seconds have passed you will pick up the dumbbells and do another set. However,you pick up where you left off on the last set so the next rep is 26. For this example you hit failure when you get to 50. Put the dumbbells back down and subtract 50 from 100. Of course this is 50 so you rest for 50 seconds this time.

Now you are going to start counting from 50 on the next set. For this set you only manage 20 reps. So you are now at 70 reps total. 100 minus 70 is 30. You will only rest for 30 seconds and by now your pecs are probably burning. This was more challenging than you thought, huh?

You are now resuming the count from 71 and you only get to 85 before hitting failure. Those dumbbells are feeling a lot heavier than when you started. So now you subtract 85 from 100 and that means you will only rest 15 seconds before resuming. Now this starts to feel like a rest pause set. The next set results in only 5 reps so you are at 90. You got 10 reps left but since you are subtracting the total reps from 100 that means you only get ten seconds to rest. This probably feels as much like a cardio workout as it does a weight training session but that is good. Now it gets mental. Do all you can to finish and reach 100 total reps. You are now done.

Let’s look at this again and see how it would look in a log.

Chest – 100 Workout, Flat Flyes

Set 1: 25 reps. 75 seconds rest.
Set 2: 25 reps (50 total). 50 seconds rest.
Set 3: 20 reps (70 total), 30 seconds rest.
Set 4: 15 reps (85 total), 15 seconds rest.
Set 5: 5 reps (90 total), 10 seconds rest.
Set 6: 10 reps (100 total).

It may take more than six sets for you but you get the picture at this point. This is an intense workout if done properly. You should also stretch between sets so you can make room for more nutrient rich blood. You should also get a pretty good pump doing this.

If you want a better idea about what weight to use then make sure it takes more than 5 sets to complete the 100 reps. If it takes less than 5 sets then go a little heavier. On the other hand if it takes 10 or more sets then lighten the load a little because you are more than likely going too heavy. 5-9 sets should get the job done for you. You can use this on any exercise for any bodypart. You can also use it to start a workout or end it. It works either way. Good luck!

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4 Responses for THE “100” WORKOUT

  1. Derek


    February 14, 2013 7:45 pm

    Hello I tried printing the “100” workout but it wouldn’t print on this page so I tried to copyu and paste and print on my computer but it says this is copyrighted , I just like to keep this on paper so i HAVE IT .I love trying different training sessions to shock the muscles I do alot of descending or drop sets in summer to get more ripped and this looks lkike it be great to throwin every now b n then in the summer but wanted to print it so I don’tr forget , Can You possibly e mail this to me at or give me another way to print it out

    Thanks Derek

    • Roger Lockridge


      February 14, 2013 10:07 pm

      Derek, you should be able to either go to file and print or click the print icon at the bottom of the article. You can also try hitting Ctrl and P at the same time. If none of these work, email me at and I will do my best to help you out. Thanks.

  2. dennis


    July 16, 2013 3:42 pm

    I just wanted to know if you had a suggestion for using this on biceps. I would prefer to not use dumbbell curls. I would prefer something like preacher single or ez bar curls. Would this be productive? Also one question as to the workout itself. Is the 100 rep workout the entire workout for that body part and if so can you use this twice a week, or stick to once. Just trying to make sure I get the most out of this, sounds interesting and I really would love to bring up these lagging bi’s.

    • Roger Lockridge


      July 16, 2013 3:52 pm

      I like Standing Cable Curls for using the “100”. Your choices work great as well. “The 100” can be done as it’s own workout or you can use it as a part of your own plan. Make it yours and do what you feel is best for your own goals. Twice a week is okay but I wouldn’t do it more than that. If you do it right with enough resistance, then that will be plenty. Good luck.