LABRADA Fans, are you completely bored with your workout routine? Do you get anxious at the thought of having to “drag” yourself to the gym for another tedious workout? Well, why?? Not only does every workout NOT have to be a monotonous repeat, but it SHOULD NOT be! If you are looking to make PROGRESS, you must change things up! If you keep yourself limited to the same “rut” and “groove”, your muscles will become “lazy” and never IMPROVE! It is necessary to keep shocking your muscle with DIFFERENT exercises and rep ranges.

*Find New Exercises
*There are SO many different exercises that you can do for any given body part, so do some research!
*While you should predominately stick to the time-tested, basic exercises, you can still add new ones to keep your muscles “guessing” and to keep yourself stimulated, also!

*Incorporate both FREE WEIGHTS and MACHINES

*Vary your REP RANGES
*For example, train for three weeks in an 8-12 rep range (for muscle growth), than switch to one week for a 15-20 rep range (for muscle endurance)

*Change the ORDER of exercises
*If you have been keeping yourself limited to the same order of exercises, reverse the order.

*Change your Body Part SPLIT
*For example, if you have been isolating your body parts (Arms one day, shoulders another, etc…), try switching to a PUSH/PULL split: Train Shoulders along with Triceps and Back along with Biceps.

The added benefit of mixing things up in your workouts, besides the amazing RESULTS that you will see, is that you keep them EXCITING and FUN! Your muscles respond well to VARIETY, so add it to your workouts and subtract your ANXIETY! Never allow yourself to struggle through a boring workout again!


Stay motivated! 🙂