Skydiving fitness

Skydiving is the fastest growing new activity. The act of training for skydiving is quite different than most sports. Explosive movements that are followed by quick recovery and instant stabilization provide the unique requirements of the sky diver. Core stabilization is of utmost importance to providing the best experience.

Begin by placing 5 rows of stations. You move from one exercise to the next row without rest. Begin slowly until you have mastered the exercises for 15 reps each and then add additional rotations to series of rows.

The first row is a general over all exercise that warms up the area, but starts the overall blood flowing, Jumping jacks.

The next row will tax the chest, arms and shoulders and involves curling dumbbells from the waist until they are lifted over the head.

The third row is composed of burpees. A simple exercise that starts with an athlete on their stomach and they quickly assume the push up position, explode to the squat position and then jump up to the air and quickly return to the stomach position.

The forth row will impose a static hold and the weight is kept on the toes and elbows and forearms, while keeping the back flat. These are called planks.

The fifth row is geared towards abdominal strength and is a simple navy crawl. Lay on your back and both the arms and legs are pointed up and held off the floor. Lower the right leg and the left arm down to the floor and return to the upper position. Repeat with the left leg and right arm. Repeat to the opposite side, repeat.

Examples of particular exercises
Burpees <= Clic here to see exercises
Planks/tables <= Clic here to see exercises

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