Lights, Camera, ACTION!! 🙂 Don’t play dress rehearsal during your workouts and simply just go through the motions.  Establish your MIND-MUSCLE connection with each and every rep and make EACH rep count. 

If you don’t STAY DEDICATED to each and every rep, chances are you are not working the intended muscle to the fullest potential.  In fact, you may even be working muscles that you are not intending to!  C’mon, we don’t want to get any of our muscle groups mad at us by not giving them our full ATTENTION now, would we?!  🙂  Okay, good, glad we agree!  So, how do prevent this from happening?  Here we go!

If you feel like you are not getting a good “pump” and are not fatiguing the muscle being worked to the point that you would like to, stop for a second and THINK about what you are doing.  Practice SQUEEEEZING the muscle that you are trying to work, without using any resistance weight, before you start the exercise and in between sets for a count or two.  This will help you to establish that mind-muscle connection that is so crucial to getting the OPTIMAL workout!   Remember, the cameras are rolling with each rep you perform – no time for outtakes! 🙂 


Stay motivated!! 🙂


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2 Responses for PUMP IT UP! :)

  1. Carl


    May 11, 2011 5:27 am

    Well said, I see many at the Gym going through the motions, not realising they are wasting time.

  2. Lauren Frahn


    May 11, 2011 8:24 am

    Thank you, Carl! 🙂