Today, I am talking to all of my fabulous LEAN BODY FOR HER girls! Ladies, make sure that you are lifting HEAVY with reps that add muscular BULK and I PROMISE that you will not end up looking like “The Incredible Hulk”! The REALITY of the matter is that your testosterone levels are just NOT high enough to build muscles like men!

I have been lifting as heavy as I possibly can (I typically aim for 8-12 reps, depending on the body part, with proper form) for the past ten years and I have yet to transform into HE-MAN! Plus, the ADVANTAGES of lifting HEAVY to add LEAN MUSCLE are amazing!

The more muscle that you have, the more fat that you burn ALL day long! Plus, while you may burn more calories with an intense cardio session than you would lifting for the same time period, you will actually burn MORE calories throughout the course of the entire day AFTER your workout! How great is that! This is where lifting HEAVIER is also an added benefit! Lifting where you aim to fatigue in the 8-12 rep for each set will have you burning more calories right after your workout than if you were to lift lighter weights (15 rep range, for example)!

You will be sure to get sexy definition, with the right curves in the right places! Plus, this will help to strengthen your core, increase your lean muscle tone, which will help to keep that belly flat!

Another wonderful health benefit of lifting weights is that it is GREAT for your BONE MASS, which helps to fight off osteoporosis!

Plus, you will FEEL STRONG, ladies! I am not just talking about PHYSICALLY, but also MENTALLY! Lifting HEAVIER will do wonders for your SELF-ESTEEM! You will feel EMPOWERED and ready to TAKE ON whatever your day brings!

So, what are you waiting for, LEAN BODY beauties? Go confidently steal some dumbbells and barbells from the guys! When they see what you look like, they won’t mind…trust me! 😉


Stay motivated! 🙂