Know What You Are Training For – Have a vision!

Dcore 2In today’s blog I will be discussing about certain training routines and what can you do to take your body to the next level to reach your desire goal. The training you decide to do has to have a balance between different variations and key exercises that will help you improve your physique. They are plenty of exercises and methods of training that will help you reach the physique you would like but how you do them and when to add them into your training will make the difference.

Having a Vision: “Remember to train with a purpose. Don’t get to the gym and start wondering around thinking what type of exercises, sets and reps you are going to do. Don’t get distracted and focus on your Goal and what you want to achieve. Additional to your training, it is important to know what are you training for, weather it may be to put on some muscle mass, lose weight or just looking to maintain. It is important to know what you are doing before you step into the gym.”

A frequently asked question I’ve been getting lately:

Is it ok to train two body parts in one day or one body part? As a personal experience I always switch my ways of training because I like to challenge myself daily and implement new methods that will take me where I want to be. However, training two body parts or one body part a day falls into what your current goal is and how you manage your reps, sets and exercises. The breakdown of your routine it’s crucial, by breakdown I mean…Reps, sets, rest time between sets and the body part that you wish to train on that particular day. Also, keep in mind that some body parts take longer to develop than others, if you wish to train that particular area twice a week, you need to let that area recoup for at least 2-3 days max so you don’t exhaust the muscle and delay the results process.

The 4 Fitness components to add into your training:

– Muscle Endurance: Muscle endurance is the ability to contract a muscle many times. It’s also a great fitness training method that can help you get a great overall muscle density, for your lower body & upper body. It consists of using lightweight, but high reps between 15-20 and sets of 4.

– Muscle Strength: Muscle strength is one of the most used ways of training that can help you obtain muscle growth or as they call it “muscle mass” but what is excatly muscle strength means? When the body is put through an “overload” phase it’s making the body do more than it has done, the body will adapt to the training and your performance will improve throughout a week of doing this method of training. This method should be done with heavy weights, reps of 8-12 and sets of 5.

– Cardiovascular Training: Cardiovascular is another great important method of training that will help you loose the extra pounds that you are looking to drop. Cardiovascular endurance consists in the ability of the body activity, which also depends on the respiritory system to meet the energy demands of the body.

– Flexibility Training: Flexibly training is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when training, without flexibility we wouldn’t be able to perform all the important and major movements we do while we work out. Flexibility is the range of movement in the skeletal joint and most important to have proper alignment, posture and efficient movement.

Why is it so important to stay flexible? Maintaining proper joint flexibility will help you avoid any injuries and most important, joint injuries. When suddenly a body part has been stretched, the muscle fibers work in a tricky way that when the muscle has passed over a joint that is inflexible a tear can occur, you can avoid that by stretching before, in between sets and after your work out.

Fitness Tip: I hear about too many people training heavy on an empty stomach – It’s one thing to train cardio first thing in the morning for fat loss. When it comes to weight training, you should absolutely have some kind of pre-workout fuel – It’s essential for optimal energy, laser focus, adequate hydration and overall safety & workout performance!

I hope this blog posting has been helpful to you and informative on deciding what method of training you would like to do depending on your current fitness goal. Remember to switch your training, challenge yourself daily and have a vision of your work out and what you would like to get done before you step into the gym.

“Train Hard & Train Smart”

About the Author
John Carter is an Internationally Published Fitness Model, Men’s Fitness Magazine UK Writer, World Champion Martial Artist and Actor/TV host. John has been featured in multiple magazines all over the world and has appeared in National Level TV commercials as well. He has also developed his own Fitness DVD programs which are being distributed all over Europe. You can follow John via his site, via his Facebook account :, and Twitter account : @JohnCFitness.