Hey Labrada Fans! What is your training goal with weight lifting? Are you looking to gain MUSCLE MASS? Are you looking to BURN FAT? Are you looking to shed excess pounds and TONE your body by adding LEAN MUSCLE? Do you know the best way to ACHIEVE the goals that you are striving for? (Well, besides the time-tested, ACCURATE, and 100% UNIVERSAL “strategy” of making CONSISTENT efforts with your WORKOUTS and in the KITCHEN!) While there are many different opinions on this topic, because everybody (and every BODY) is very different, there are some general (repeat, GENERAL) guidelines that you can follow to get you on the right track toward your SUCCESS!

If you are looking to BUILD MASS:
*Use MEDIUM Weights
*Keep your rep ranges primarily between 8-12

If you are looking for STRENGTH:
*Use HEAVY Weights
*Keep your rep ranges primarily between 4-6

If you are looking for TONING/ENDURANCE/FAT LOSS:
*Use LIGHT Weights
*Keep your rep ranges primarily 15+

(NOTE: You want to make sure to keep your muscles “guessing” ~ It is in challenging them that they will respond ~ Therefore, the majority of the time, stick to the given rep ranges for your desired goal, but every few weeks, throw in a completely different rep range to keep your “muscles on their toes”!)

At the end of each rep range, you want to be SAFELY FATIGUED, meaning that you are unable to perform even one more rep, with PROPER FORM. This is going to take some trial and error, at first. If you end up using a weight that is too heavy, where you are only able to perform, say 6, when you are really going for 8-12, that is okay ~ Just lighten the weight for the next set. Do NOT push yourself for added reps if you have to sacrifice form in order to do so. That will only lead to injury. Conversely, if you are aiming for 8-12 reps and when you get to the 12th rep, find that you are still able to do more, then KEEP GOING until fatigue. Remember, your muscles are not “counting” the actual number of reps that you do, so they will not respond simply because you do the number of reps that will help you in accomplishing your goal. Your muscle only responds when it is efficiently and properly fatigued. Your muscle reach the point of FATIGUE in order to GROW, so do not get too focused on hitting the same number of reps each set ~ Just make sure that you are going to failure. So do some “playing around” at first until you find the weights that will cause you to fatigue within the given rep range for your desired goal, but make sure that you are still pushing yourself as you do!

Further, make sure that you are establishing your MIND-MUSCLE connection as you do EACH REP. You must ISOLATE the targeted muscle group and make sure that it is this muscle that is performing the MAJORITY of the work!

Remember, to reach your goals, KNOW how to PROPERLY TRAIN for the RESULTS that you want to ATTAIN! Now, get moving, Labrada fans! You have some DREAMS to “WORK-OUT”!


Stay motivated! 🙂