High Intensity Interval Training – The Perfect Series Of Exercises For Weight Loss

One of the problems with doing aerobics as a fat burning exercise is the amount of time it takes to get reasonable results. If you’re looking to try effective exercises for weight loss, you may want to look into a specially designed program that can burn fat like a blowtorch while leaving your muscle mass intact.

One of the best-kept secrets of elite athletes and their coaches is high intensity interval training (HIIT). It’s not called high intensity for hyperbole; a regular session calls for a reaching your maximum oxygen capacity or maximum training heart rate for about 30 seconds before bringing your body down again. They warm up for five minutes and then 6 to 10 intervals of high intensity workout with intervals of either medium intensity or rest in between each set with a cool-down period at the end.

Although the strategy varies, there is usually a buildup in which you reach maximum lung capacity or heart rate capacity during the training interval. During the rest period, you are either at 50% of capacity or 10% depending on your level of fitness. Your reps and sets will depend on the type of exercise you’re performing during HIIT.

This is definitely the kind of workout that you can do with an exercise bike, a treadmill, a jump rope, and sprints or on an elliptical machine in the gym. The results of this training proved beneficial to people with potential problems with type II diabetes. This kind of training regimen not only burns fat and builds muscle; it can also ward off some of the lifestyle diseases that have become all too common in our society.

As intense as the training method is, it is short in duration and holds a lot of health benefits for the average person. This is not just a first rate fat burning exercise program, it offers a lot of physical fitness advantages from increased metabolism to improved endurance. Instead of slogging it out on the treadmill for an hour to burn off a few calories, why not suffer through 15 minutes, cool down for five and get the heck out of the gym?

Not only will you be in far better shape than the gym rats that spend hours sweating away, you’ll have far greater endurance for your favorite sports and even see improvement in your daily life. Let’s take a few examples of high intensity interval training that you can do in your home, on the road or in the gym. HIIT is the kind workout that doesn’t require a lot of specialized equipment; you could actually use your favorite form of aerobic activity and transform it into a highly efficient fat burning system.

The main reason this program is so short is because it takes you to the limit of your physical capacity, so if you’re taking longer than 20 minutes to perform your routine, you’re not pushing hard enough. Let’s try an example using sprinting; you should always start with the five minute warm-up. On the first set, try to bring your level of intensity up but not all the way and rest for 90 seconds. If you’re sprinting, just go ahead and walk during your rest period or do a light jog if that works for you.

In the beginning you’re less likely to jog because you can hardly walk but it gets better. Go ahead and repeat the steps 6 to 10 more times with the rest intervals followed by a five minute cool down period. I recommend that you give this series of exercises for weight loss a try.

If you want results, you must know the best weight loss exercises.

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  1. April 22, 2011 5:32 pm

    hey, my name cindy and i am 5’3 and i weigh 205 and im 19yrs old. i was wondering about the trendmill, if you was to excersize and if you was too powerwalk and jogg and run, will you lose alot of weight ? cause i wanted to lose like 89 lbs or so . i want to get down to 115lbs . i no that its gonna have to take alot of time but i want to lose it in 6 months . i see that some ppl can do it . and some ppl can’t . and i no that its not good to lose weight fast . but if you do it correctly it will work . i want to no if i do the trendmill and do power walk and all , will i lose weight ? well im just asking you this cause i just wanted to no and so i can no whats good and what helps more or whats so ever . 🙂 i want to no what kind of intervals will make you lose alot weight . im doing this for myself cause i don’t want to get too fat later on in life and i don’t want to have any dieseases lol . but if you do no anything about dieting and loseing weight and if you no any good excersizes please let me no. 🙂 oh* and i saw this cause i was searching for infos on loseing weight and all :] . thanks . 🙂