Hey LABRADA Nutrition fans! As we all very well know, WEIGHT TRAINING is absolutely essential in order to GAIN MUSCLE. However, you know what is also a necessary component of this process? NOT lifting weights! Confused? Well, let me clarify. Even more important than lifting HARD and HEAVY is allowing your muscles time to REST and RECOVER!

A fact that many do not realize is that your muscles do NOT grow while you are working them, but rather when they are recovering. When you work out, you break down your muscle tissue and it is only during the rebuilding process that they GROW! Therefore, if PROGRESS is what you want to make, then give your muscles a BREAK!

A good way to do this is to train DIFFERENT body parts throughout the week, allowing at least 2-3 days of REST before you hit the same body part again. SLEEP is another critical factor. Your muscles grow the MOST when you sleep! You read that right…NOT when you are lying on the bench press, but when you are lying on your bed! So, in this case, you definitely do not “lose” when you snooze! In fact, quite the opposite, so aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night in order to GAIN your lean mass. Also, make sure that you are EATING properly! PROPER NUTRITION plays a huge part in the recovery process! For starters, make sure that you are eating enough, and when you do eat, structure your meals to have the proper balance of Carbs, Protein and Fat. A good rule of thumb is the 40:40:20 rule, which is to have balanced meals consisting of 40% Carbs, 40% Protein and 20% Fat.

[Note: For sample diets, check out the Labrada Nutrition Diets Page here]

Remember, LABRADA Nutrition fans, if you are looking to sculpt a muscular physique that will cause you to be IMPRESSED, then allow your body the time to properly form, and just…GIVE IT A REST!


Stay motivated! 🙂


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