Get Bigger Biceps By Avoiding These Biceps Training Mistakes

There are a couple of biceps training mistakes that prevent many bodybuilders from achieving the arms muscle growth that they deserve.

These mistakes are:

Biceps Training Mistake #1: Too Much Weight.

Biceps Training Tip: Check the ego by the door and use a weight that allows you to use perfect form and to fully contract the muscles as you lift the weights in order to maximize biceps stimulation.

Biceps Training Mistake #2: Too Many Sets

Biceps Training Tip: Limit the number of sets to 6-12. The biceps is a relatively small muscle used in other movements for bigger muscles like the back and the shoulders. Thus, there is no need to perform more than 6-12 sets. If performing biceps after a back workout 6 sets will suffice. If performed any other day you can do as much as 12 sets provided you have a good recovery capability.

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One Response for Get Bigger Biceps By Avoiding These Biceps Training Mistakes

  1. November 16, 2010 3:21 pm

    Absolutely correct Hugo.
    What concerns me is the singular focus lifters have taken as Bicep growth Gospel.
    Engaging the Outer Bicep region, (hammer, reverse curls) will always add Hieght and thickness.
    These moves are treated as secondary or ignored completely.
    I too, believe in Low sets, for bicep, but my set are Mega Giant sets.
    I run the rack, up and down, Hammers, reverse First!
    keeping in mind, that the only purpose of the inner bicep is the supinate the forearm.
    the Outer is your power source.