LABRADA Nutrition fans, it is so important to understand that HOW MUCH weight you are lifting is far less important than lifting with the PROPER FORM! If you are not effectively stimulating your muscles into GROWTH by using the RIGHT TECHNIQUE, then it really does not matter how much weight you happen to be “throwing” around ~ and likely, that is literally what you are doing if you are lifting TOO HEAVY ~ having to “throw” around the weights in order to be able to move them!

Well, it is time to stop worrying about being the “strong guy” or the “strong girl” and focus on keeping your body and your muscles HEALTHY! I am sure you would agree that you are not doing yourself a favor if you injure yourself trying to look tough and “macho”! And, I can assure you, that any experienced weight lifter is the farthest thing from “impressed” at the sight of improperly (and ineffectively) hoisting around a super heavy weight! However, building your strength over time by using good form, so that you can eventually use larger weights with proper form? Now, THAT is something to talk about! 😉

Okay, so again, what is actually impressive and will produce results that are, too? Demonstrating great form by CONTROLLING the weight throughout the movement and FULLY CONTRACTING the working muscle. How? Simple! Use a LIGHTER WEIGHT! Understand that if your goal is to GROW your muscle, it must have SUFFICIENT time under TENSION and it must be fully CONTRACTED. The only way to accomplish this is by using a weight that is light enough for you to properly control throughout the ENTIRE range of motion (Not just using MOMENTUM in order to be able to complete your reps!). What do I mean by that? Well, when using a weight that is too heavy, you will have to use momentum in order to get the weight up, but that really just takes the tension OFF of the muscle that you are “attempting” to target. The only thing that you are really growing here is a LACK of progress!

Remember, your muscles do not know how to read the numbers on the barbells and dumbbells that you are using. What they DO know is how to rebuild themselves (a.k.a. grow) after being broken down properly through a complete range of motion, full contraction, and sufficient time under tension! So, if you would like to achieve fantastic muscle growth that produces in yourself and others a feeling of “INSPIRATIONAL” EMOTION, well then you had better make sure that you are always lifting to the best of your ability with a FULL RANGE OF MOTION!

Happy and Healthy Training, LABRADA Nutrition fans!


Stay motivated! 🙂


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