Concise Chest Circuit

Concise Chest Circuit
By Roger “ROCK” Lockridge

You would be amazed how much you can get done in a short amount of time. You can even get a great workout accomplished in a matter of minutes. Let’s take chest for an example. If you got a pair of dumbbells, an adjustable bench, and a few minutes, then you can have a great chest workout.

1-Set the adjustable bench at a 45 degree angle (or as close as your particular bench will allow).

2-Grab the dumbbells (make sure they are a moderate weight for you), lie back on the bench, and perform a set of dumbbell flyes for 10 reps.

3-As soon as you finish the 10th rep, start performing a set of dumbbell presses for 10 reps. Once you finish the presses, get up and lower the angle of the incline by one position.

4-Now you will start over with the set of 10 flyes immediately followed by 10 presses.

5-You will adjust the bench so now it will be flat. Repeat the superset of flyes and presses one more time and you will be finished…with this portion of the workout.

6-You will finish off the pecs by getting down and doing pushups. Keep going until you can’t do another rep with good form. Once you are stuck on the floor lying in a pool of your own sweat and feel like you can’t move, then congrats because you are finished.

In total this will take you around five minutes. If you think you got in you, rest a couple of minutes and try it one more time but definitely don’t do this more than twice in one workout. Enjoy!

About the Author
Roger “ROCK” Lockridge is a writer whose work has been seen all over the world. He is most known as a writer for Iron Man Magazine and In 2009, he was named Male Writer of the Year which along with the Female award is the highest award for writers in the bodybuilding/fitness world.

Roger is also known for his work against child abuse and domestic violence and he was featured as a part of the domestic violence documentary “30” as the only child survivor and the only male survivor in the film.