by Lauren Christine Frahn

Labrada Nutrition fans, we have all witnessed this, or perhaps are even the ones that are guilty of committing this “HEAVY crime”: Lifting a weight that far EXCEEDS your maximum capacity for PROPER EXECUTION! Not only does it look ridiculous, but you are not accomplishing anything (except for perhaps some cardio), and further, you are putting yourself at risk for injury! Ladies and gentlemen, when you check yourself into the gym at the front desk, LEAVE YOUR EGO there for “SAFE-keeping”!

EFFECTIVE weight training involves stimulating your muscle into GROWTH. Trying to use weights that are TOO HEAVY will not accomplish this! It does not matter HOW HEAVY the weight that you are lifting is if you have to SACRIFICE PROPER FORM in order to move the weight!

What is so important to understand is that your physique will NOT automatically improve just because you “throw around” heavy weight! PROPER FORM IS ESSENTIAL if you are looking to GROW your muscle! Much more important than the NUMBER of pounds that you are lifting is the TIME that your muscle is UNDER TENSION, proper CONTRACTION (“SQUEEZE”) of the muscle being worked, as well as a solid MIND-MUSCLE CONNECTION. These crucial factors are pretty much impossible to establish when you are just flinging around excessive weight! So SLOW DOWN your reps, SQUEEZE every rep, and CONCENTRATE solely on your form and the muscle group that you are targeting!

Remember, your focus should be on making IMPROVEMENTS on YOURSELF day in and day out! Stop worrying about being the “tough guy” or the “strong girl” at the gym ~ Focus on lifting PROPERLY in order to actually MAKE GAINS, and your strength will follow! Trying to put STRENGTH before FORM will just never allow you to effectively PERFORM! So in order to ALWAYS strive for MORE and MORE…CHECK YOUR EGO AT THE (GYM) DOOR! 🙂


Stay motivated! 🙂


One Response for “CHECK YOUR EGO AT THE (GYM) DOOR!”

  1. Mike Urig


    March 6, 2013 9:01 am

    Was at a gym once and a 26 year old came in with his wife and he loaded up the bar with all the 45lb plates he could fit. Everyone started to notice and one of the trainers said to him that he didn’t want to see him get hurt but the guy proceeded to do 3 inch squats (he only went down about 3 inches if that). I think he was just looking for attention but didn’t realize what a clown he was.