Bodybuilding Posing Benefits

There are many benefits to practicing some bodybuilding posing even if you do not plan on ever getting into a bodybuilding contest stage.

Naturally, for the competitor, posing is of utmost importance as it is through the mandatory poses that the physique gets judged.  If a competitive bodybuilder does not know how to properly pose, then he has very little chance of doing good in a bodybuilding competition.

For the non competitor posing also has several advantages that it can offer:

1) Better connection between the mind and the muscle since posing requires total control of the body.  Thus, there is no better way to learn how to control your muscles than by practicing posing.  A better mind to muscle connection will also help you tremendously at the gym since you will be able to get more stimulation out of each repetition.

2) Better cardiovascular capacity since holding your muscles contracted for a long period of time improves this.

3) More muscle hardness.

In addition, for the non-competitor, posing provides a great way to display the physique on progress pictures.

When is the best time to practice posing for the non-competitor?  Once or twice a week on days off from the gym.  Simply going through each pose once or twice, and holding each for 30 seconds, will give you a nice  workout.  For the competitor, posing every day for at least 10 weeks prior to the show is of utmost importance.  The competitor should also build up to doing 3 sets of each pose for 1 minute at a time.  This will build the endurance necessary to withstand the hardest of judgings at a bodybuilding show.

If you are wondering how to pose, here are a few basic poses that you can do.  These are the poses of the symmetry round.  You can start your posing practice by mastering these.  Over the week I will be posting the remaining mandatory poses for your benefit as well.

Symmetry Round Bodybuilding Poses

Front Relaxed Pose

Side Relaxed Pose

Back Relaxed Pose

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