Be Bigger, Leaner and Stronger by Summer

It’s hard to believe that it’s another spring season with summer just around the corner.  If you’re anything like most of us, you’re probably proclaiming that is going to be your best year yet. As far as your health and physique are concerned, that means you probably plan on being bigger and/or leaner.  Now is the time to kick-start your training for the new and improved you.

One of the keys to having more muscle and less fat is naturally increasing the right hormones to get the job done faster. Most bodybuilders know that testosterone is a key muscle builder, which is why the big compound exercises dominate mass-building programs–they trigger testosterone increases.  Testosterone, however, is also known for fat burning properties… Especially if you increase its fat-melting effects by boosting up growth hormone also.

GH works along with testosterone to promote both muscle-building and fat-burning. If you can boost both of those hormones at the same time, you can create the perfect storm to keep get yourself bigger and leaner.

There are some steps to take to get your hormone production on track.  First, make the first exercise for each bodypart a compound movement, such as a squat or other pressing movement for quads, presses for chest, rows for midback, chins for lats and so forth. A couple sets of each of those types of exercises will get help boost your testosterone.

Next, in order to get a GH surge, add X Reps to the end of each of those exercises. Those power partials help to create a deep muscle burn at the end of a set, and studies show that muscle burn is linked to big increases in GH production. It can often be tough to get a burn with compound exercises, even when you go to failure, but the X Reps allow you to extend the set at the point of maximum-force generation, resulting in a very deep burn.

On bench presses, for instance, once you reach positive failure, lower the bar to just below the midpoint of the range and pulse there with a five-to-10-inch partial reps. Drive out as many as you can (with a spotter unless using a Smith machine) and I guarantee you’ll feel a searing burn.

Try this partials on the last set of each of your big exercises. You can do them on isolation HUMANOGROWTH™exercises, too, for even more of an occlusion effect, which is a phenomenon shown by scientists to build extraordinary muscle size quickly.

Try using X Rep power partials as a big part of your spring to summer transformation. You’ll absolutely feel a deeper burn and that’s when you’ll know you’re in the muscle-building and and fat-burning zone.

Editors Note: Also be sure to check out Labrada Nutrition’s HumanoGrowth which helps to increase testosterone and GH levels naturally as well.

About the Author

Jonathan Lawson has been working in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years; weight training for 21 years, competed in numerous bodybuilding competitions, worked for IRON MAN Magazine for 17 years, co-owns where he has co-published over 15 e-books and writes a daily training blog.  He has appeared on the covers of, and been featured in, dozens of international magazines, books and e-books.