The 50,000 Pound Fitness Challenge

Is your workout starting to get stale and boring? Are you having trouble pushing yourself in the gym? Perhaps you’re looking for a new challenge to get you going and help you break a plateau. Keep reading because I think I have the solution to your issue right here. It will require some math so grab a calculator or use the one that is on your smartphone and meet me at the gym.

I’m going to challenge you for your next workout. Regardless if it’s chest, back, legs, arms, or shoulders, I think you’ll find this won’t be that easy. If you’re a serious athlete or someone who is really determined to achieve new levels of personal fitness success, then you won’t want easy. You’re going to want something that pushes you to reach a new best or makes you a little nervous because easy doesn’t promote greatness. For this challenge, the goal is to lift 50,000 pounds in total volume over the course of a single workout. If you’re not familiar with how this would work, here is the plan.

How To Perform

We’ll use the barbell curl as an example. If you do 50 pounds for 20 reps then you would multiply 50 x 20 which is 1,000. That means you lifted 1,000 pounds total. If you did a second set then that would be another 1,000 so now you’ve done 2,000 pounds. You would follow this protocol with every set you do until you get to 50,000 pounds in total volume. Before you start thinking that you’ll just knock out a bunch of sets with one exercise then you’re sadly mistaken because there are a few rules with this challenge.

  1. You have one hour and you must do a five minute warm up and five minute cool down. That means you only have 50 minutes to get to 50,000 pounds.
  2. You MUST only perform free weight and bodyweight exercises. Some of you were thinking you’d go to the leg press and bang out a bunch of heavy sets, didn’t you? Those won’t cut it. Throughout the 50 minutes you can only use barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, or your bodyweight. Bodyweight assistant machines don’t count either.
  3. You can only rest up to 60 seconds between sets. If you want to rest less that’s fine but you must get back to work within one minute.
  4. If you choose to use dumbbells then remember to count both dumbbells. For example, if you do flat dumbbell bench press with 50 pound dumbbells, then you’re using 100 pounds total with each rep you perform.
  5. You can do no more than two muscle groups. Using all the muscle groups will still be challenging but will make the challenge a little easier to finish since the different muscle groups will be fresh. By using a maximum of two muscle groups, it will make it tougher since the areas you focus on will get tired and start to fail. This is where you’ll have to push yourself.
  6. It’s not a rule but it’s a good idea to do this with a partner. He or she can help you change weight faster so you can focus on resting with the time you have between sets. Also it will be more fun and motivating to have someone do it with you.

For those of you that use kilos instead of pounds, take the number of pounds and divide it by 2.2 to determine the kilos. In kilos it would be 22,727.3 kilos total for one workout. If you really want to test yourself, try this challenge over the course of an entire training week. If you train five days a week, that would be 250,000 pounds in total volume. If you decide to accept the challenge, share the workout you did and post your log in the comments section below.

About the Author

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