10 Minute Shoulder Shocker

As much as we like to focus our days around our workouts, life doesn’t always accommodate us like that. There are things like jobs, meetings, travel, and of course we all want time to spend with our families and friends. So after all of that is taken into consideration we may not have much time to make it to the gym. Even if we do make it before closing time, there’s no way to get through a full workout, right? Wrong . Grab a pair of moderate dumbbells and get ready because your next shoulder day will be complete and concise.

Triset Countdown

So here’s what we‘re going to do – three exercises in a row without rest. Start with front dumbbell raises, then move into lateral raises, and finally you’ll perform rear lateral raises. After performing all three movements consecutively without stopping, you’ll take a ten second rest before starting over.

So how many reps? You’ll perform each exercise for ten reps before your first rest period. Next you’ll do each for nine reps and rest again. Then it’s eight for all the movements. Have you figured out the pattern yet? Each triset will be for reps in descending order until you get down to one each. That totals out to 165 reps in around 10 minutes. This will be sure to devastate your delts quickly.

10 Minute Shoulder Shocker

Front Raise/Lateral Raise/Rear Lateral Raise Triset (all with dumbbells)

  • 10 reps each. Rest for 10 seconds.
  • 9 reps each. Rest for 10 seconds
  • 8 reps each. Rest for 10 seconds
  • 7 reps each. Rest for 10 seconds
  • 6 reps each. Rest for 10 seconds
  • 5 reps each. Rest for 10 seconds
  • 4 reps each. Rest for 10 seconds
  • 3 reps each. Rest for 10 seconds
  • 2 reps each. Rest for 10 seconds
  • 1 rep each. Done

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