When you think about developing a supplement program to help support your nutritional requirements and efforts in the gym, what’s the first supplement that you think about? Is it a pre-workout, creatine, fat burner, or perhaps a protein product? I’m not knocking any of the previously mentioned products because obviously they all have their place but I don’t think that should be the foundation of your program. So which one should be first? A multivitamin. Now you don’t see too many fancy ads about them but keep reading because you may find that the multi could be the piece of the puzzle that completes your entire protocol.

Most people keep track of their calories, protein, carbs, fats, and even fiber for good reason. They are necessary to help you reach any and all fitness goals. Therefore, you probably know how much of each you need and have taken. But what about your other needs? Your body needs all types of vitamins and minerals just to function normally. Add to that the rigors of training day in and day out. That means you’ll need even more than before since your body will be undertaking more physical activity than the average person would. Adding a multi to your daily sports nutrition program would go a long way in providing that extra support without adding significant calories that may get stored as fat. This is huge if you’re someone who is taking on a diet.

Now while it’s true that you can get a lot of those vitamins and minerals from food, that would be a lot of different foods and it would be easy for someone who’s new to nutrition and fitness to get confused and frustrated. This is where the multi can play a big role. A quality multi can provide all the popular vitamins like A, B12, C, D, E, among others as well as lesser known minerals like manganese which can help provide bone and joint support and selenium which helps support healthy hair and eyes.

So you can just run to the store and grab the cheapest one on the shelf and you’re good, right? Wrong! Would you do that with your creatine or weight loss product? Of course not. You want something that you know works before you invest your hard earned money into it. You need to have that same mindset when picking out a multivitamin. The one thing you should absolutely NOT do is pick a multi that “works for everyone”. Men and women have totally different needs and rolling the dice on a general multi is a sure way to land snake eyes. For example, men don’t need much iron and can be dangerous if stored at high levels. Women needs for iron increases as they get older.

Now although there could be much more information added, I hope that now you have a better understanding of how important a multi can be in helping you for general health as well as increasing support for your fitness aspirations. Labrada Nutrition has both “Lean Body for Her” multi-vitamin and now a men’s “Lean Body” multi-vitamin formula that will play major roles in helping users reach their goals. I hope the next time you log on to Labrada.com to stock up on your supplements, you start with one of these as your foundation. The results should speak for themselves if you do.

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