Wheat Germ, what is it and why is it so good for you?

Wheat has a whole kernel and that is divided into three parts; bran, endosperm and finally the germ.

The bran is obviously the fibrous out layer. This layer is often used for most cereals that contain heavy fiber. Aids in digestion and absorbs excess fats located in the intestine.

Most of the weight of the kernel is from the endosperm and is used to make white flour. The highest content of protein and carbohydrates are located here.

The majority of the kernel’s fat is located in the germ. Many of the vitamins and minerals are located in this part of the kernel. This is why we find a natural supplement in wheat germ.

There are hidden advantages of the wheat germ. It is an antioxidant and also provides Omega-3 Fatty Acids that also act to raise HDLs and lower LDLs.

Wheat germ is the best natural source of vitamin E & B. Only 1 tablespoon of provides us with 20 mg of E and that is 100% of the RDA.

We have 16 essential minerals that we need and wheat germ provides 7 of the majors and 3 of the trace variety.

Wheat germ should be stored in the refrigerator. Raw wheat germ in a vacuum-sealed container can last for approximately a year. Left uncovered wheat germ will spoil in less than a few hours.

It is important to understand that wheat germ is a processed food to some degree. Many of the claims that are about the benefits of wheat germ are not supported by the hard core scientific literature.

Providing nutrition to many 3rd world countries can be accomplished by combining the various nutrients of the wheat kernel. Some refinement is necessary but the use of this nutrient package is abundant and cheap.

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