Lee Labrada’s Rock-Hard Muscle Stack

Lee Labrada’s Rock-Hard Muscle Stack
by Lee Labrada

Since a lot of people have been asking me what my diet and supplements stack I follow to keep the condition I have at 51 years of age, I decided to put together this small article in order to share the information.  In addition, I have come up with a great offer: almost 50% off for anyone who chooses to try out my stack.

Super Charge!® Xtreme N.O.

“The ability to channel explosive energy into your lifting leads to powerful results, so I start my workouts with Super Charge!® Xtreme pre-workout performance drink mix.”

Super Charge!® is designed to increase your strength, energy, and focus. Based on clinical studies, Super Charge!® increased users’ mental energy by 82% and their bench press reps by 39%.

Super Charge!® accomplishes this with an array of key active ingredients that enhance muscle size and hardness, while creating an anabolic environment that greatly speeds up recovery.

Unlike competing pre-workout nitric oxide (N.O.) supplements, Super Charge!® ingredient amounts are not hidden in a proprietary blend. You get exactly what you pay for – ingredients that work, in amounts that work.

Lee Labrada Rock Hard Stack

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“I take HICA-MAX™ muscle growth stimulator chewable tablets along with my pre-workout supplements.”

HICA-MAX™ is 100% alpha-hydroxy-isocaproic acid, a potent anti-catabolic that protects your muscles against breakdown during high intensity training. HICA-MAX ™ is a powerful non-stimulant “fatigue-buster”–it combats muscle cell fatigue by buffering lactic acid and ammonia. HICA-MAX™ reduces DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) allowing you to train harder and recover faster from workouts, so you can train more often.

HICA MAX™ should not be confused with ordinary leucine, or branched chain amino acids. Your body only converts a small amount (estimates run as high as 100:1) of leucine to HICA. Therefore, HICA supplementation is necessary to achieve efficacious levels in muscles.

Just three HICA MAX™ chewable tablets provide a cost-effective, result-producing dose of what may be the most powerful non-steroidal muscle growth stimulator in existence!

Lean Body® and Power Carb

“After the workout, I mix up a Lean Body® MRP shake with a scoop of Power CarbTM.”

Lean Body® contains 40g of high quality, time release proteins. It’s concentrated muscle-building, fat burning nutrition in one delicious, easy-to-make shake. One serving of Lean Body® contains as much protein as a large chicken breast, as much complex carbohydrate as a cup of whole grain rice, as much fiber as a cup of vegetables; plus essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Perfect for starting the muscle rebuilding process. Lean Body® has won numerous taste awards including the American Culinary Institute’s Gold Medal Taste Award.

PowerCarbTM is a like a “fuel injection” system for your muscles. PowerCarbTM rapidly replenishes muscle glycogen for huge increases in muscle size and recovery. PowerCarbTM is a high-tech designer carbohydrate with a very specific molecule size, allowing it to transit across the intestinal lining at a rate many times faster than common carbohydrates such as waxy maize, maltodextrins, breads, rice, or pasta! PowerCarbTM raises your insulin quickly, stopping muscle catabolism, and forcing glycogen storage into your muscles. Insulin stimulates the mTOR muscle protein synthesis pathway. Even though PowerCarbTM is absorbed very quickly, it will not cause your energy to crash like simple carbohydrates do. PowerCarbTM works for hours.

Lee Labrada Rock Hard Stack

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B-Complex – 50 mg. (time released)

Vitamin E – 400 iu

Multi-Mineral – 2/day with food

Vitamin D – 2000 iu

Vitamin C – 1000 mg. (time released)

2/day with food

GlutaLean (l-glutamine powder) – 10 g

BCAA – 5g before workout

Super Charge!® Xtreme N.O. –

1–2 scoops prior to workout

Power CarbTM – 1 scoop after workout

Lean Body® – meal replacement shakes

HICA-MAXTM – 3 tablets after workout

Meal #1

10 egg whites

1 cup oatmeal

1 cup Greek zero fat yogurt

WORKOUT–take glutamine, BCAAs

and Super Charge!®, and

3 HICA-MAXTM tablets at start

Meal #2 (Post Workout)

Lean Body® Meal Replacement Shake

1 scoop Power CarbTM

1 tablespoon fish oil

Meal #3

8 oz. chicken breast

1 ten oz. sweet potato

Meal #4

8 oz. chicken breast

11/2 cup rice mixed with black beans

1 cup vegetables

Meal #5

8 oz salmon, orange roughy, or halibut

1 ten oz. sweet potato

1 cup vegetables

Meal #6

Lean Body Meal Replacement Shake

1 tablespoon fish oil

Lee Labrada Rock Hard Stack

Click Here to Get Lee’s Stack At a Heavily Discounted Price

(Retail Price: $205.16 / Special Price: $111.99)

Yours for a Lean Body,

Lee Labrada

Your Lean Body Coach™
Houston, Texas

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