Sport Injuries, Why don’t we prevent and cure injuries NATURALLY?

chuckWhat causes our injuries??…. We can all remember that one time, we got hurt. Usually a sudden excessive tension was placed on our tendon or bursa, resulting in a strain or sprain. As well as repetitive muscle contractions can lead to an excessive tension on the muscle itself, leading to similar injuries.

We all can agree that injuries suck….Right?…. So what can we do to prevent and even cure injuries? I would be happy to tell you…
Firstly though, even with these recommendations below injuries will happen, especially if you are a freak wherever you decide to exercise and become the animal inside you. So… when you do get an injury remember RICE, Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Don’t skip this… trust me. From years of experience RICE will save days off recovery time.
So time for the good stuff…. How can you heal and prevent injuries through natural remedies. Several nutrients are important for healing and even prevention. Vitamin C, A, and E, glucosamine, as well as selenium are a key contributors for wound healing properties but also as powerful antioxidants… if you are sitting there saying… “DUHH I knew that”….. just wait….there will be specific amounts and times to take each remedy below.

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Flavonoids are our next injury fighter. Flavonoids are a group of plant based pigments responsible for the color of many fruits and flowers. They have EXTREMELY effective inflammation reducing properties.
A little science for you… collagen is the major protein in tendons and other connective tissues.

Flavonoids help maintain healthy collagen by:

1) Decreasing blood vessel permeability, leading to a decrease in inflammatory mediators entering the damaged area.
2) Preventing free radical damage through their antioxidant properties
3) Inhibiting enzymes that break down collagen
4) Inhibiting the release of inflammatory chemicals
5) Reinforcing the natural cross linking of collagen fibers

Nice list right?… but we always want proof. In a double blind, placebo controlled study the supplemental citrus flavonoids cut the time needed to recover in half. HOWEVER given the greater biological value of procyanidolic oligomers found in pine bark and grape seed extract, it is highly recommend to find sources of these two substances.


Next on the agenda. Bromelain another proteolytic enzyme. Bromelain is the protein digesting enzyme of pineapple, which was introduced in 1957 and since that time has over 400 scientific papers written about it. In the majority of studies bromelain has been reported to exert a wide variety of beneficial effects, reducing inflammation is what we are concerned about.

One of the most interesting studies done with bromelain involved 146 boxers. 74 received bromelain, 58 of the 74 boxers had bruising cleared completely in 4 days with the remaining 16 boxers taking 8-10 days to heal. Among the 72 boxers that didn’t take bromelain ONLY 10 boxers had no bruising after 4 days (compared to 58). With the remainder taking 7-14 days to heal. I don’t know about you… but I would take those odds any day of the week.

It’s worth mentioning that while bromelain has been shown to effectively reduce pain, this probably is the result of the reduced inflammation and swelling of the injury rather than a direct analgesic effect.

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If you are not familiar with what curcumin is… it’s the yellow pigment of turmeric. I holds inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Curcumin is known to be as strong as cortisone and phenylbutazone in animal studies. Both of these substances (cortisone and phenylbutazone) bring with them high levels of toxicity, where curcumin has no known side effects. In human studies curcumin has also demonstrated beneficial effects comparable to those of standard drugs.

There is one small hiccup when it comes to curcumin, and that hiccup is absorption rate. With all hiccups comes solutions. Scientists have found that combining curcumin with soy phospholipids to produce what we know as Mervia, significantly increasing the absorption rate of curcumin in animals. How significant you ask.. five times more effective! We don’t have to stop there…. Theracurcumin shows an even greater rate of absorption, 27 times the absorption of regular curcumin to be exact.

Now if these natural substances seem odd to you thats perfectly normal. If you are interested in adding any of the above to your nutritional plan we recommend typing the ingredients in google, research manufacturers that carry the product. You want to trust the brand you are buying these natural remedies from.

1) Proper stretching and warm-up before exercise is ALWAYS recommended
2) After an injury make sure you follow the RICE principle for 24-48 hours
3) If Injury lasts more then 2 weeks contact a doctor

Supplement amounts
1) Vitamin C: 500 to 1,000 mg one to three times a day.
2) Vitamin D: 2,000 to 4,000 IU per day (ideally you would know blood levels and adjust accordingly
3) Fish Oil: 1 gram per body fat % (within reason, 10 to 15 grams a day is plenty, just our opinion)
4) One of the following…
– Grape seed extract (>95% procyanidolic oligomers) 150-300mg a day
– Pine bark extract (>95% procyanidolic oligomers) 150-300mg a day

Botanical Medicines
1) Bromelain, 250-750 mg – three time per day between meals
2) One of the following…
– Meriva 500-1000mg twice daily
– Theracurmin 300 mg one to three times daily

*** Ranges are given here due to the various body mass difference and sensitivity each individual may have to the above suppements.

For more information on this topic and others like it. Refer to “The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, Third Edition. By: Michael T. Murray, N.D. & Joseph Pizzorno, N.D.

About the Author

Coach Chuck Dertinger is an accomplished fitness and nutrition expert, holding a Masters Degree in Science with a concentration in Exercise Physiology. Chuck lives, breaths, and loves to promote healthy lifestyle choices. He went from skinny to brawny gaining over 50-lbs of muscle in a couple of years through the use of sound training and nutrition tactics. Feel free to add him on Facebook and ask any questions with relation to nutrition or exercise.