Words Beneath Wings ~ “Take Care of Y-O-U”


by Lauren Christine Frahn

In order to give your BEST to OTHERS, you must first give your BEST to YOURSELF. It is impossible to be able to TEND to the needs of another when YOUR needs are UNATTENDED to. There is a misconception that putting YOU first can be an act of selfishness, however, it is actually quite the opposite. When you DEPRIVE yourself of devotion, you have nothing to DEVOTE to your loved ones…Never neglect your needs, for in doing so, you are denying those of the ones that need you. Pamper yourself so as not to put a damper on the SPOILS that you could provide to others…

“ABUNDANCE of self allows for the reward of INDULGENCE to others.” ~LCF

If you have trouble putting yourself first, at first, you can adopt the viewpoint that you are catering to your own needs in order to be able to cater to others. Over time, however, I encourage you to work on changing your mindset so that you feel no guilt at all. Understand that it is only by servicing yourself first that you can be OF service to those around you. Take comfort in the fact that by comforting yourself, you are able to comfort others. You can only ENRICH the life of another when you have met your own ESSENTIAL requirements. The CHANCE to ENHANCE another begins when you begin by ALLOTTING a LOT of LOVE to Y-O-U. Hold yourself accountable for your own well-being by not refusing your own replenishment…

“Count on this…In order to get to number two, you have to start with NUMBER ONE.” ~LCF

Take care of you!


Stay motivated! 🙂


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