Words Beneath Wings ~ “OPEN-MINDED to POSSIBILITY”

Words Beneath Wings ~ “OPEN-MINDED to POSSIBILITY”

by Lauren Christine Frahn

There is an enormous difference between being a person who likes routine and one who is close-minded to new things.

While yes, I am very much a creature of habit, I make it a point to be sure to keep my eyes WIDE OPEN to new and amazing POSSIBILITIES. Whereas I like my structure, because it enables me the ability to keep organized with my very busy schedule, I embrace learning new things and paying attention to ALL that life showcases to me. Even if you keep your “blinders” on when it comes to your daily tasks, make sure that you are keeping an OPEN MIND…

“Wherever there is HUMANITY, there is POSSIBILITY…containing the ABILITY to transform your life…BE OPEN to the CHANGE” –LCF-

Be ALERT to POSSIBILITIES, so as never to “slam” the door on OPPORTUNITY. Always leave out your “WELCOME” mat for new ideas and suggestions and be willing to “digest” new information. If you are a person of routine, I understand that this thought might be “hard to swallow”. However, think of it like this…they may be exactly what God is presenting to you in order to help you create an even better tomorrow!!

“Keep an OPEN MIND to a “novel” IDEA or NOTION, so as not to CLOSE the “book” on what the Universe has put in MOTION” –LCF-

PAY ATTENTION to “strangers” who cross your path, remembering that the Universe has a “familiar” PERFECTION of bringing the right people together at EXACTLY the right time! Reserve your “blinders on” focus strictly for your tasks at hand in order to be always APPROACHABLE by others! Open the “EYES” of your HEART…and be on the LOOKOUT for all of the affection that the world is looking to IMPART to you. Remember, you never know what…or WHO…might change your life…



Stay motivated! 🙂


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