Words Beneath Wings ~ “MAKE TIME”

Words Beneath Wings ~ “MAKE TIME”

by Lauren Christine Frahn

I am often asked how I find time for everything in my schedule and the answer is: I SCHEDULE in order to MAKE TIME.

It is very possible to get everything done that your heart desires…you can arrange your agenda so as to be able to follow all of your PASSIONS. You just need to PRIORITIZE and determine which activities will help you to ACHIEVE your goals…and eliminate those that will not…

 “Do not be a servant to time…make your use of time to best serve you.” ~LCF~


If you don’t have a daily planner, get one!  Putting a plan together for your day is putting a plan together for the realization of your goals and dreams and ultimately, for your life. Write down what it is that fulfills you and what you want to achieve, and then write down the daily steps that will be required in order to make them happen as soon as possible…

“There is time for everything in your schedule when you schedule to MAKE time.” ~LCF~

Now that you have your daily “To-Dos”, you must follow through!  Get excited about each completed task, for each check mark means that you are on your mark towards attaining your dreams…

“Get your life in CHECK…do not miss your MARK.” ~LCF~

The efforts involved in pursuing your passions should not seem like work, even though achieving them will require it. When making your daily schedule, it should seem as if you are just coordinating your leisure time! 🙂 Speaking of leisure time, it is important to take the time to pamper yourself, but allow that time to be your rest and reward for all of your incredible efforts! And speaking of rest, of course you need to get enough of it, but if you have slept for the amount that your body requires for rejuvenation and recovery, get up! J Set an alarm for yourself to get a jump-start on your plan of action for the day…

“Don’t snooze on your opportunity to make the most of each and every day by hitting its button” ~LCF~

Another question that frequently comes my way is, “When do you have time for yourself?” My answer?  ALL of the time! J Everything that I do towards accomplishing my goals is serving my purpose…and hopefully, in turn or in time, many others.  Even when doing things for others, it is in giving my time that is my fulfillment and reward.  Remember, when you are doing what you truly love, which should be each and every one of you, your time is spent doing things that fulfill you. Each of us has the ability to create and plan this life for ourselves.  Time doesn’t wait around, however, so neither should you…

“Time is what you MAKE of it…MAKE the best use of yours…”  ~LCF~


Stay motivated! 🙂


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  1. LaShawn


    January 26, 2012 11:40 pm

    Hello Lauren,

    I have liked you on FB but I haven’t been on that website since my bday (Sept. 14th), but would like to ask how can I get a full print out copy of your workout/diet plan. I want to start a 6-week program next week right before I have to go on a 2-week military duty. Thanks!