Words Beneath Wings ~ “Get Back on the Bike!” :)

Words Beneath Wings ~ “Get Back on the Bike!”

by Lauren Christine Frahn

If you have ever ridden a bike before, it doesn’t matter how long it has been, you can get back on without forgetting how to pedal! The same is true when it comes to training and working out! This is commonly referred to as “Muscle memory” and it refers to the fact that when you train your body to do something, it creates a blueprint in your brain. Even if you have taken time off from working out, your muscles will be able to get back to where they were in a faster amount of time than when you originally started training…regardless of how much time has passed, your muscles haven’t forgotten you 😉 Hey, if your body never forgets, don’t you forget to train it! It’ time to reacquaint yourself with Mr. and Mrs. Health E. Muscles! 🙂

“DECIDING to get back on the bike is the hardest part…after the initial pedal, you’re back to speed in no time.” ~LCF~

If your reasons for having taken time away from training are not due to doctor’s orders, it is time to find the motivation that IS lying within you. You absolutely can get back into the best shape of your life and frankly, there is no excuse not to!

If in taking time away from the gym, you have developed an anxiety about returning, remind yourself that you should not be intimidated by the gym or the weights…you’ve done this all before! If necessary, grab a partner as your “training wheels” to provide an added sense of security. Soon, you will be back in the rhythm, training wheels or not 😉 Do not delay steering yourself to the path of optimal health…get back on that bike…and pedal like you’ve never pedaled before! 🙂

“Backpedaling with excuses gets you nowhere…Release the hand brake of hesitation and get back to speed.” ~LCF~


Stay motivated! 🙂