Words Beneath Wings ~ “Do not ‘Speed-Read’ Through Life”

Words Beneath Wings ~ “Do not ‘Speed-Read’ Through Life”

by Lauren Christine Frahn

A book is much more enjoyable when you actually read the words on the pages, right? 🙂 While “speed-reading” accomplishes getting you from the front of the book to the back cover, much of what is covered is not discovered! When reading hastily, the intended message and most of the details are lost along the way. Well, the very same is true of life…

“Thoughtlessly rushing through life does not give you much to think about.” ~LCF~

Most of us have ideas of what we HOPE for and of what our IDEAL lives look like. I firmly believe that if the thought is there in our minds as DESIRE, we were meant to have what we long for. If not, it just means that there is something even BETTER in place for us. Trying to speed up the process of attaining what is in store for us is futile. Everything has ALREADY been put on the timelines of our lives in its intended (and PROPER) order. Action is absolutely necessary to bring what we want to us, but it is so important to be ENGAGED in the process, ENJOY the steps along the way…and RELAX. With PATIENCE, comes REWARD. God has authored our biographies and does not require our attempts at co-authoring or trying to HURRY His perfection…

“Our stories are already written…trying to rush through the process doesn’t make our DESTINY occur any quicker…it just causes us to miss a LOT along the way.” ~LCF~

Skipping chapters does not speed up the ultimate ending, for chances are that you are just going to have to go back and ACTUALLY read them in order to fully UNDERSTAND the storyline. Similarly, attempting to read a book backwards accomplishes nothing…you not only spoil the ending, but also the finale makes no sense without the NECESSARY knowledge of the INTENDED plot. When you take the time to enjoy every page of your life’s story, you will gain so much more from the experience…

“It is fascinating to get lost in a good mystery book, but there is no greater mystery to be fully engrossed in than the one that is your LIFE.” ~LCF~


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3 Responses for Words Beneath Wings ~ “Do not ‘Speed-Read’ Through Life”

  1. Roland Byrd


    February 23, 2012 1:14 pm

    Great Advice. Live fully engaged. Then life is a pleasure, an adventure worth living instead of a race to the next mile post. 🙂

  2. Travis


    March 7, 2012 9:19 am

    Excellent post LCF! I will be sharing this with many others!