Words Beneath Wings ~ “ACT, Don’t REact”

Even with all of the innovations in the world and despite all of the amazing technologies that continue to “advance” our modern era, there is yet to be an invention that gives us the ability to rewind time.

Without the ability to turn time in a counter-clockwise direction, you don’t get a chance to take back something that you said that you wish you hadn’t, nor can you undo an action after it is already done. Therefore, it is extremely important to pay attention to your thoughts and plan your actions, without mindless reactions…
“The greatest choice we have is to think before we act and then take action toward our life goals every day. Our problems result not only from our lack of action, but from our action without thought.” -Denis Waitley-

The key here is to THINK. While in moments of frustration this can prove to be more difficult, there is no excuse for rash behavior or harsh words. Always assume responsibility for everything that you say or do and in doing so, you are also assuming responsibility for making your life the very best that it can be. Be sure that your next move or word is one that will not cause you any regret and one that furthers your DEVELOPMENT and CHARACTER. By advancing your reputation through your words and deeds, SUCCESS in your pursuits will become much easier…

“Action without thinking is the cause of every failure.” -Peter Drucker-

By living according to the Golden Rule and treating others how you would want to be treated, you set an example worth imitating, which has a ripple effect. This ripple effect of positivity will help to open up doors for so many, as kind words and actions can create a confidence in people that they might not have had before. Take the TIME to think about your every move and make them the very BEST that they can be. Remember, we can’t turn back a clock’s dial, so make sure you can look back on your words and actions with a SMILE…

“Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.”
-Napoleon Hill-


Stay motivated! 🙂


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