WHAT MOTIVATES YOU? (Phase 1: Motivation)

WHAT MOTIVATES YOU? (Phase 1: Motivation)
by Philip Dolgovin

What would I give to finally be in shape? This is a question you have probably asked yourself many times in the past. The answer is ANYTHING! Well at least for me it was. I would have given anything to finally be thin. Ever since I can remember I have been fat. Even as a child in grade school I was teased by the other kids. The teasing really hurt and made me feel as if there was something wrong with me. I hated being fat! I wanted to be thin so badly, even for just one day.

I remember when I was younger; my little sister decided we were going to get fit. We had planned to wake up early every morning and run around the house and do jumping jacks. That was the beginning of about twenty-one years of failed diets and ultimately I just stopped trying all together. My eating habits became three to four fast food meals a day all super-sized, washed down by over a two liter of soda. I hit rock bottom by the time I was twenty-five. I was now one-hundred pounds overweight, miserable, and had absolutely no hope for change. But I DID change. Today, four years later, I am eighty pounds lighter, twice as strong, and have added over forty pounds of lean muscle.

So how did I do this? Was it surgery, fat burners, some new diet? No, I used something stronger, I used REAL MOTIVATION.

This was not the typical, “Ok, starting Monday I’m going to eat better and start exercising every day” type of motivation. This was more, “If one more person calls me fat I’m going to lose it………Screw this, no matter what it takes I’m done being made fun of!!” type of motivation. I was absolutely furious. A co-worker stuck his hand into my love handle as I bent over and laughed, “DAMN YOU’RE FAT,” he said. Those words changed my life. I used that anger to inspire myself like never before.

Immediately I started making changes to my diet. I gave up soda and French fries, ate more chicken, and watched my portions. Nothing too difficult really, just simple changes that led to a remarkable ten pounds of fat gone within three weeks. It felt great, but it was only the beginning. I knew that eventually my results would slow down, and after about a month they did. In fact I actually gained a couple pounds. I remember thinking to myself for one brief second, maybe I can’t do this. Then I remembered the way I felt that day, the day when I promised myself that no matter what it takes I wouldn’t quit. When you find that moment that inspires you to change, hold onto that feeling. When the road gets bumpy, it alone can keep you on your path. For me it certainly did.

Did that one moment keep me motivated the whole four years? You bet! In fact, I still think about that day whenever I feel like skipping the gym or cheating on my diet. That day keeps me on my game but it is not my only source of inspiration. After I lost roughly thirty pounds, people started noticing. The compliments I received felt amazing. They became my rocket fuel and inspired me to keep pushing myself harder in the gym. I now had positive memories to inspire me instead of just the negativity that dominated my thoughts. People started to respect me, not because I was in shape, but because they saw how hard I worked at it. No diet or exercise plan will work if you do not dedicate yourself to it. I can’t stress enough how important it is to remain motivated during this time. In the near future I will explain exactly what I did to transform my body, but today I want to stress one point. If you do not have that TRUE MOTIVATION inside, you will fail every time.

I hope by reading this you realize that anything is possible. I possess horrible genetics, lacked knowledge regarding nutrition or exercise, and was one-hundred pounds overweight. Nobody held my hand along the way; I was like a blind man looking for Waldo. The only thing I had was that TRUE MOTIVATION inside to live a better life, and the willingness to change even if it meant giving up some stuff I loved, like cheeseburgers.

So let me ask you again, what motivates you? Do you see what a little motivation can do? Three simple words changed my life. “DAMN YOUR’RE FAT.” Those words angered me, they hurt and embarrassed me, but most importantly they were my motivation. When I started on this journey four years ago, my goal was to simply stop being called fat. I never in a million years would have guessed that fitness would become my life, and that I could possibly be the source of motivation for someone else. It feels great to help people get their own health back on track.

After Labrada posted my story I became friends with a gentleman from Texas, named Jim Pompa. Mr. Pompa was inspired by my story and contacted me shortly after. I could tell that he was serious about losing weight and was just looking for a little guidance. He started following a proper diet, and added Labrada’s lean body shakes to his routine. I’m happy to say that he is already seeing great results because for once he is truly motivated to change.

Mr. Pompa’s gains can be you as well. Sometimes it just takes a kick in the butt and the belief that you can do something. I’m living proof that you can completely turn your life around at any moment. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to health. Learn as much as you can. Surround yourself with positive influences and read the daily posts here at Labrada. Today could be the start of your own transformation, the only thing standing in your way is yourself. I promise you that the end result is worth every drop of sweat.

Was it easy to do? No, in fact it was the absolute hardest thing I have ever accomplished. But I stayed focused, worked my butt off, and stuck it out. When people ask me what it is that motivates me, I have an answer. Finding your motivation can be hard, but when you do, use it. It can change everything!

Philip Dolgovin

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  1. Lee


    November 15, 2012 5:30 am

    Horrible genetics? you have some pretty good guns there! well done