Today is the Day…

It was early Sunday morning when I blinked my eyes open and the first thought to enter my head was, “Today is the day.” I went through my morning routine in a fog because I kept thinking, “Today; I will do it today…”

A little back story: I was a soccer player for the longest time and somewhere along the way, I picked up the thought that you should never lift heavy with your legs. I can’t remember where or when I picked up this myth, but it lingered with me for a very long time. When I was finally convinced by a friend that this thought was silly, I began to rotate in a leg workout here and there. Unfortunately, I was caught up in, “the circle of death.” I hadn’t lifted legs EVER, so they were not on the same level of strength as the rest of my body. My legs were weak, I didn’t like to work them out to make them stronger so, my legs always lagged behind.

A year and a half ago, I began to work my legs out hard, I blasted those things. Remember those Weeble-Wobbles (Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down…)? It was my thought that I was going to leave the gym each day as a Weeble-Wobble. I would stumble out of the gym wobbling on my rubberized legs. The problem was, my legs were getting a bit stronger, but I had no goal with what I wanted to do with them.

One day as I was struggling with the leg press, a thought and a number popped into my head. At my strongest, I was able to bench press 300+ lbs. My legs should be at least twice as strong as that…right? 600lbs. Six Hundred Pounds. SIX HUNDRED POUNDS??? I will press this weight. Some day, I will press 600 pounds!!!!

Back to this past Sunday…I threw on one of my Labrada SuperCharge! T-shirts, (go ahead, roll your eyes, but it works for me), made my preworkout drink, (SuperCharge! again) and drove to the gym. I was excited because in my mind, I already KNEW that I was going to blast that weight…

Warmups, squats, (and I didn’t go light on the squats either), and now the main event. I loaded the sled, (I don’t include the sled weight in my totals.) 180, bah! There’s 10 for the warmup…more weight: 360, Bah! There’s 10 more reps. NOW is the time!! I load the sled…600 lbs. I step back and look at the machine; it appears to be taunting me.

6-45lb plates, 1-25lb plate, and a 5lb plate ON EACH SIDE.


My spotter is in place; today is the day. My feet are in place; today is the day. I grip the safety bar and unrack the weight…TODAY IS THE DAY!!! I lower the weight, my knees are buried in my chest….TODAY IS THE DAY!!!! I blast the weight upward, once, twice,…FIVE times. My spotter didn’t lay a hand on the sled. I rerack the weight. A smile crosses my face as a new number pops into my head…700. SEVEN HUNDRED POUNDS….you are next.