Time Management Made Simple

The simple way to manage time is not to manage time at all!

Sounds odd?  Well lets look at time management.  How do you manage time?  You can’t the clock keeps ticking regardless of what you do.

Energy management is the answer! Not having enough of, or not managing time efficiently is a fallacy. Having the energy to utilize your time effectively is the million dollar answer to the timeless question.

If you manage your energy then you will be able to focus when it is important and act when you need to act.  You will be sharper, more creative and even smarter.  Ok your IQ won’t go up but since your brain is fueled by your body you will be able to use your mind better.  Imagine having a state of the art computer will all the best programs on it…BUT… you left it unplugged from the power supply.  Would it be of much use.  Of course not, yet we expect our minds to be sharp when our bodies are dull.

Being fit and managing your energy is the key to time management.  Feeding your body with the right foods and nutritional supplements is key, which is why I rely on Labrada Nutrition.  I am not only looking for a lean, muscular physique but the energy to fuel the other areas of my life as well.

Let me know what you think!  Are you a time manager or an energy manager?


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