fathersonWhat many people try to learn from experts at seminars, we can understand from the cutest of sources – babies!

Something happened on August 23, 2012 that has changed my life in ways I never imagined. I became a father. You’ve heard it before and if you‘re parents then you already know this. NOTHING is better than being a parent and watching your child grow up. I was looking forward to teaching my son everything he would learn as he got older and watch him become a happy and healthy young man.

As I would soon find out, I would not be the only one doing the teaching or the learning. As my son has advanced in age and development, I would observe things that he does that could easily teach us grownups as much as we try to educate our children. They are the simplest of lessons we think we already know but I submit to you these simple ideas that we could easily be forgetting as we go on our daily lives. Many of these suggestions we have to get from experts at self-help seminars and business conferences. I would much rather learn these tips from a cuter and happier expert, my son.

1. Wake up happy and ready to go.

I can’t say this about all children but my son wakes up in the morning and unless he needs a diaper change or fed, he is generally happy and ready to go. He wants out of his crib and to get going playing with his toys or moving around the house.

What this should teach us: How many mornings have you gotten out of bed and only think about how soon you want to go back? Chances are more than once. Imagine how much better our days would go if we got up and thought to ourselves “this is going to be a good day and I’m ready to make it happen.” We should try this ourselves and we may have as much fun as our children do.

2. When you’re hungry, it’s time to eat.

When my son gets hungry, I find out pretty quick. He will scream or cry or do what he has to do to let us know that it is time for him to eat. There isn’t anything in particular he wants, he just wants to be satisfied so he can go about his daily activities.

What this should teach us: Babies need those calories and nutrients so they can have energy, grow, and develop. As adults, we need calories and nutrients to provide energy, improve our focus, and recover from activities. Most of us are so concerned about restricting calories and not to eat too much, we don’t eat as much as we should and thus, not have enough energy to do what we need to do (work, train, etc.). Although we should make sure we eat healthy foods, we should learn from our infants and eat what it takes to be satisfied and refill our tanks so we can do what we need to do throughout the day.

3. Always learn something new.

My little boy is always curious. When we take him to a new place or have him in a room with us, he is exploring new environments and trying to evaluate his surroundings. He is figuring out if this is a room that is safe and fun for him or if he should go somewhere else.

What this should tell us: Explore other articles and read the work of several experts you haven’t read before to learn new strategies and information that can ultimately help you reach and exceed your goals. The best teachers always strive to be students as well.

4. Try new things you’ve never tried before.

When my son gets a new toy, he studies it. He will push every button that is on it, shake it, drop it, pick it up again, and other things that will help him decide if he likes the toy or not. If he is comfortable with it, he will play with it for a while. If not, he lets us know pretty quickly or just doesn’t touch it again.

What this should tell us: We should try to find out new techniques and exercises to try to decide whether they can help us or not. How long has it been since you changed your workout? Have you considered trying something new to you like Cross Fit or Yoga? Think about it and then try it for yourself. You might find something that you can add to your arsenal and increase your overall fitness levels.

5. When you’re tired, rest.

If my son starts yawning, it isn’t long before he is asleep. All babies fight sleep sometimes but they realize before long that they should take a nap or go to the sleep for the night. As adults, we try to keep going and going when our bodies are telling us we should take a respite.

What this should teach us: Have you ever said something like “I wish I had his energy”? Perhaps if we listened to our bodies and stopped for a bit, we would have some of the energy that our little people always seem to have. Take some time for a break when things feel overwhelming or follow the best example that babies give us, take a nap.

6. Laugh a lot at the simple things.

How many times have you made some weird face or a strange sound to a baby? To another grownup, you would probably have your sanity questioned. The baby finds that look to be the funniest thing ever and laughs. Babies always look for reasons to be happy and entertained. As adults, we feel good about ourselves and our day goes a little better after hearing a baby giggle and knowing we are the reason why.

What this should teach us: It would do us all some good if we took some time away from our schedules and commitments and just found something that we enjoy and make us laugh. Watch some funny movie or a comedy special. Find an active sport to play. Doing something that makes us happy will recharge our batteries, give us positive energy, put you in a better mood, and that can only lead to good things happening when you are ready to get back to work.


It isn’t that someone who was born a matter of months ago managed to teach me something I didn’t know but my son reminded me that some of the things I did as a child I should still be doing as a parent. Parents are supposed to be a good example for babies to learn from. Who’d thought that babies could be an example for us as well?

About the Author
Roger “ROCK” Lockridge is a writer whose work has been seen all over the world. He is most known as a writer for Iron Man Magazine and In 2009, he was named Male Writer of the Year which along with the Female award is the highest award for writers in the bodybuilding/fitness world.

Roger is also known for his work against child abuse and domestic violence and he was featured as a part of the domestic violence documentary “30” as the only child survivor and the only male survivor in the film.