The Third Quarter Rule

When I was a runner I quickly realized that the third part of the race was the most important.

Everyone puts the emphasis on the start and finish but the race is won or lost in the third quarter.

For example, if you look at the 400 meeter race.

You have four 100 meeter sections.

Most people will take off during the first 100 meters.

Coast for the second and third hundred meters. (coasting is very relevant, they are still going fast, it is more of a mental coast or catching their stride)

The last 100 meters is an all out effort driving toward the finish line.

The runner that can pick up the pace for the third part of the race will most likely loose his competition.

As they near the last 100 meters everyone else is competing for second place because they don’t think they can catch the runner who took off during the third part of the race.

This runner who sprinted during that part of the race will still push toward the tape but all he (she) has to do is hang on because they put so much distance between themselves and the rest of the pack.

The same is true in life.

People start off strong and often times have to sprint toward the tape because they didn’t put in the required effort during the rest of the race. (project, goal, diet, marriage)

Start off strong, find your stride because you can’t go out all the time but in the third part of the race kick it back in gear and you will find it easier to run through the tape a victor.

The musings of a former runner.

Pass this on to your family and friends. Someone you know may need to kick it in gear.

If you are reading this the race isn’t over yet.

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