The Secret to Maintaining Motivation in the Gym

The Secret to Maintaining Motivation in the Gym
by Michael Klamut

2One of the ways to maintain your “Mental Pump” in the gym is by charting and recording ALL of your workout data. I go back to “Old School/Caveman” era when doing so. I simply have a notebook broken down by body part(s) trained, date of workouts, and finally the amounts of weight I used for each set and how many reps I completed. One would think with all of the technology out there today more people would be doing something along these lines. I can’t begin to tell you the number of people who ask for help and advice, but have no clue where they are at production wise after months and years of work in the gym. This is one of the reasons we see people who look the same in the gym year in and year out. Charting and recording data let’s you have a concrete look at what is going on in your workouts, and it will either show progression or digression. When a person is burned out or in a rut with their workout, this is where this tool is most handy. If you were able to graph the data or compare lifts and weights side by side, that priceless information should constitute where you need to make changes to. The bottom line is: “If you do not record or write down your information, how will you know what to start with and push past for your next workout?” The biggest motivator though, is to make sure you take pictures of yourself periodically. This may seem a bit narcissistic to some, but pictures do not lie and are brutally honest. We can all fall into the trap of glancing into the mirror and not seeing the subtle changes that are transpiring within our bodies. This goes for leanness, as well as adding a few pounds.

The whole goal of going to the gym and working out is to make yourself stronger as well as improve your overall health. I always try to surpass my previous workouts and constantly strive to make gains. It doesn’t matter if I increase my weights by five pounds or complete one extra rep. The whole idea is to just build off of that last workout. Every workout needs to be productive. Never settle for mediocrity. The bare minimum is to match everything you did previously, that way you can maintain where you currently are at. Always look to overcome your past workouts, and never settle for anything but your best. We have all paid our dues to make it into the gym (by reorganizing schedules, and sacrificing sleep, just to name a few) so why not put your best foot forward and reap all of the benefits we are working for? NEVER sell yourself short! So in a nut shell…Write it down, write it down, and write it down. It sounds like a broken record, but it is very crucial to your overall development. You have nothing to lose and only positive gains to make. You’ll be thankful you did! Until next time…

..Stay Strong and Stay True,

Michael Klamut
2011 Lean Body Challenge Grand Champion

About the Author
Michael Klamut was the 2011 Lean Body Challenge Grand Champion. Mike is a United States Air Force veteran who works as a Radiologic Technologist (X-Ray Tech) during the day, and is a busy husband and father of two during the night. Mike entered his first bodybuilding competition and took 1st place in his Novice weight class (Middleweight) and Novice Overall. He takes great pride in helping others with their fitness goals and hopes to inspire and motivate everyone he comes into contact with. Mike is looking forward to helping all Labrada Nutrition fans reach their personal goal(s) and hopes to help them conquer any obstacle(s) that stands in their way.

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