LABRADA Nutrition fans, as humans, we are creatures of HABIT. In fact, most of our actions in life are a result of these formed responses, and can either be good or bad. Once formed, habits can be difficult to break, but sometimes breaking a bad habit is necessary in order to make an improvement in your life. Therefore, as we enter Autumn, the season of CHANGE, think about a habit that you would like to exCHANGE!

The reason that I say “exchange” instead of simply “change” is because it is much more productive to REPLACE a behavior versus just trying to stop it altogether, especially if it is one that you have been doing for a long period of time. I am leaving this as a very general topic because this applies to us ALL, but in so many DIFFERENT ways. It is up to YOU to determine in what area it is that your conscience continually “reprimands” you. Once you do, figure out what a better path to take would be, and then start immediately to implement the more FAVORABLE action INSTEAD of the one that you know does not really serve your highest good.

Now, LABRADA Nutrition fans, understand that this is not something that is easy to do and will likely cause you to experience a large amount of discomfort at first, as you attempt to alter the behavior. However, if you stick with it no matter what, it will become so much easier to “automatically” perform the “improved” action, and you will be a BETTER person for it!

Just as the LEAVES will change into their most spectacular colors, “beLEAVE” in your ability to transform your “COLORS” into the most BEAUTIFUL that they have ever been! And, no matter how hard it may prove to be, know that by HOLDING ON tight to your “root” cause, you will withstand the “winds of change”, and emerge more amazing than ever…


Stay motivated! 🙂