The Angela Mora Transformation Story

The Angela Mora Transformation Story
by Lee Labrada

Hi Everyone,
Today’s post is an inspirational before and after transformation story of Angela Mora, someone I had the pleasure of meeting at the Olympia. She has a great story and I hope it inspires many of you. Congratulations Angela!

“I had nearly given up on losing weight and was starting to accept my life as a heavyset person. I had tried several programs throughout the years and could never lose all the weight or keep it off. Most of the plans I followed didn’t help me understand the importance of how proper nutrition and exercise affects my body. My husband was the first to commit and wanted to get into bodybuilding, so he started studying some of the programs on He said I should try the plan, but I was afraid of looking like a man, that my arms would get huge and just bulk up. But I saw my husband’s results – he and my nephew lost 55 pounds. I studied the programs on that he showed me and felt like Lee’s would be the best fit. I committed to 12 weeks for every single day and didn’t deviate from the plan. The only thing I didn’t do was the weekly cheat meals.

I faithfully watched every daily video for motivation, inspiration, and to increase my knowledge about proper dieting and exercising, not deviating one day from the program. After completing Lee’s plan, I lost a total of 40 pounds and feel great and inspired to help others achieve the same success as I have.

Now my goal is to lose another 20 pounds and sculpt and tone all over. I feel amazing! It’s been a journey, but the plan made it more achievable. I just wanted to tell Lee thank you for putting this together and for all the training videos and encouragement. I know it takes time to put it all together, but every time my body changed or craved sugar or felt tired – any little thing he knew what your body would go through and he already had the answers in the program. He made it easy to follow. It was so effective and easy to do.

Now I’m doing the Kelsey Byers Challenge, sponsored by Labrada Nutrition, and I hope I win!” ~Angela Mora

Keep up the great work Angela! Super proud of your accomplishment!

Yours for a Lean Body,

Lee Labrada

Your Lean Body Coach™
Houston, Texas

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