Stay true to yourself and your intentions; there’s inspiration to be found everywhere.

Did you start 2013 with fabulous New Year’s resolutions? Are you still staying true to them? Many of us started the year out strong and eager, with a lot resolutions related to health, fitness and determination to be better to our bodies. Some of mine were to continue to learn more about nutrition, supplements and help other people with their health and fitness goals.

I love seeing the gym packed full of people with great intentions in January but with the 1st quarter of the year over, how many of us are just as committed to those resolutions and goals? Today, I ask that if you do just one thing for yourself, that’s for you to reaffirm those resolutions and remember why you chose to make them. How will they benefit and make positive changes in your life? Everyone has different goals whether it’s trying to eat better, learn how to cook, work out more, try a different workout, lose or gain weight, tone up certain areas, spend more time with family, get those rock hard abs etc. Not only do we have different ideas and goals but different ideas of what’s beautiful and what’s inspiring; for some it may be a CEO or humanitarian, another a fitness magazine editor or model or even just the girl you always see in the fresh produce aisle looking fresh and healthy, not everyone’s seeking rock hard abs.

To stay on track and not revert to our old habits we have to find our ‘Why?’. Motivational quotes are great for a day, but you need a reason why you’re going to do something. You need a goal and your own reason for doing it day after day. If your why isn’t strong enough you aren’t going to stick to it; the reason for sticking to it has to be stronger than the why not to. Different things work for different people so personalize your plan of action: e.g. do you need a support group? If so, try and start working out or quitting smoking with a friend. What activities do you enjoy? There’s no reason to go to the gym to get fit if you hate going to the gym when there a tons of different options. Many of which don’t cost anything e.g. hiking, jogging, biking (if you have a bike), skipping, plyometrics, community yoga classes, etc. Do you get bored easily or need goals? Take all of these things into consideration and find a plan that works for you. If you are a smoker, you may wish to talk to your doctor about different ways to quit as there are lots of patches and electronic cigarettes on the market.

DSCN1502There are many places and people through whom you can find inspiration, here’s a few ideas:

• Keep a page open to your favorite fitness blog or magazine
• Look at success stories likeLabrada success stories
• Create a vision board and cut out photos from magazines that inspire and move you
• Do a 12 week challenge like Labrada lean body challenge or the Kelsey Byers Challenge
• Find new fitness classes on sites like Groupon and living social.
• Try a weekend community yoga class
• Buy a new healthy eating cookbook for new ideas or Google recipes.
The Labrada Blogs, Oxygen magazine and Muscle and Fitness Hers always have great clean eating recipes.

Whatever it is, be inspired, and then get up and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! No excuses: you are in control of your destiny, what goes into your mouth and what you do with your body, be the person you want to be, love yourself and be good to yourself. Not in a year, not tomorrow but today and every day.

Here’s to a happier, healthier, fitter YOU

About the Author

Eve Dawes is an accomplished fitness professional and NPC athlete with international experience as a dancer, model, host and personal trainer. You can visit Eve at any of her following: