Stay Fit and Focused: “Making Time” for Your Health and Fitness Goals

Stay Fit and Focused
“Making Time” for Your Health and Fitness Goals
by Soleivi Hernandez

I have a sales career in the medical field that is very demanding and sometimes my job requires I work long hours. Therefore, every morning I leave my house with several bags to make it through my day without having to go home and risk the idea of getting comfortable by sitting on my couch and watching TV after a long day at work. The bags I take are as follows:

1. My gym bag (with all my workout gear)
2. My cooler with my 5-7 meals (to be able to eat every 3 hours)
3. 1-2 galloons of water
4. My briefcase
5. My Purse

My family and close friends call me the “bag lady”! LOL
And my response to them is “well… bags are all daily necessities, they are what help me be successful in both of my careers, my sales career and my fitness career.” These bags are a MUST! 🙂

I work out of my car. Basically my car is my office and I go from account to account visiting my physicians and patients. I love my job and still get excited about helping amputee patients get to as normal of a life as they can by setting them up with a prosthesis (if they are a good candidate for one of course). My days start from 8:30am and sometimes don’t end until 8:30pm, depending on how many patients and doctors I have on my list for that day. Basically, what I am saying is that I too have a busy schedule and demanding job and yet I still make the time to go to the gym daily. And when I’m training for a competition, I make it to the gym twice a day. Planning your day in advance and leaving your house with the necessary things to make you get to your fitness goals quicker is a definite must not a maybe. This type of planning allows me to stay in line with my required diet. Training and eating healthy are a lifestyle for me and will continue to be a part of my daily routine for years to come, GOD willing. Therefore, I sacrifice a lot of things and people sometimes. For example, I miss happy hours with family and co workers because I have to workout or simply because I don’t want to be around temptation. 🙂

I too, like a lot of you, love family and friends, happy hours, food, and fun! But I have to prioritize and stay focused on the goals I have for myself. And I think this is where many of us lose ourselves, because we forget to prioritize and think about what’s important in our daily lives. We lose focus. My suggestion would be to keep your eye on the target…..and your goals will be reached with a little discipline and hard work!

We all have an inner strength that allows us to know what we want and will do what it takes to achieve these wants and needs called goals. It’s called discipline and determination. Find it within yourself and you will be successful in anything you set your mind to.

There is always time for staying in shape and healthy……you just have to “make time” and keep your focus!

Stay Fit and Focused

Soleivi Hernandez