LABRADA Nutrition fans, doesn’t it feel easier sometimes to just “blend in”? I mean, you have much less of a chance of getting NOTICED and can avoid being ridiculed for going against the “norm”! So, avoiding the “spot light” surely sounds like the better path to take, right? WRONG! Understand that it is your ORIGINALITY and your unique PERSONALITY that will help to make your GOALS and DREAMS your REALITY!

This applies to ALL aspects of your life, from your CAREER to your APPEARANCE! For example, do not be afraid to SPEAK UP and give your NOVEL IDEAS at work! Remember, you never know which one will launch you to your PROMOTION! Or, when it comes to your looks, do not “dull down” your style just because your social circle does not like to “dress up”! Along the same lines, do not be uncomfortable to get yourself IN SHAPE just because your “social circle” is not doing the same! (I say “social circle” instead of friends because they are NOT friends if they do not SUPPORT you in your positive efforts!!) Listen, it truly does not matter if there are “haters” who HATE…what is MOST IMPORTANT is that Y-O-U feel GREAT! So, let others “shoot off their mouth” with “guns-a-blazing”…at the end of the day, it is your “guns” that are going to LOOK and FEEL AMAZING!!

Remember, LABRADA Nutrition, if you would like SUCCESS to COME, make sure that YOU are the “SORE THUMB”!


Stay motivated! 🙂