Achieving success brings such a sense of pleasure and ACCOMPLISHMENT, however, in order to attain this feeling, you have to first get past the actual accomplishment. What does this involve? WORK! PERFORMANCE! ACTION! Labrada fans, it is not enough to simply TALK about what the GOALS that you want to ATTAIN, you have to back them up with your EFFORT!

If you have HOPES and DREAMS that you are looking to fulfill, ask yourself what you are DOING in order to make them your REALITY? If you are not doing anything, figure out why not! Is it laziness? Is it fear? Regardless of the reason, the only remedy is MOVEMENT! It will put an end to your laziness (for obvious reasons) and it will cure you of your fear! How? With PRODUCTION, comes EMPOWERMENT, enabling you to REALIZE that you CAN do whatever you APPLY yourself to do, and as a result, you will REALIZE your DREAMS!

Whether it be a FITNESS goal, a CAREER goal, or a PERSONAL improvement, take the NECESSARY STEPS on a DAILY BASIS! Even if you can only take a baby step one day, it is still FORWARD PROGRESS! Before long, those steps will add up and you will be looking back with sheer APPRECIATION and GRATITUDE at HOW FAR you have come!

Remember, anything that brings “satisfACTION” requires ACTION! Well, what are you waiting for? MAKE MOVES TODAY, Labrada fans!


Stay motivated! 🙂