The Power of Lifestyle

The key to achieving the Power of Positive Fitness Lifestyle is to simply make it part of your life.

“The more prepared you are the more confident you become” – John M. Rowley

I see this in every area of life. When people are not prepared for the task at hand they procrastinate doing what they know they should do, because they feel they are not competent in that area. It’s not confidence that is the underlying issue it is competence. In the gym I can always tell the people who don’t know how to use the equipment, they walk around a little, maybe even try one exercise… then off to the treadmill for them. Since they didn’t know how to use the equipment they give up and go to what they know.

I see this often with sales people. The average sales person will avoid prospecting because they don’t know what to say when prospecting or they may not be comfortable with the paperwork they need to complete the sale, so they avoid contact with potential customers. This eventually leads to a different career and is completely avoidable if they just took the time to be competent. People will spend countless hours at the driving range practicing golf but those same people expect to waltz right into the business world or into the gym with no practice or preparation at all and expect to succeed. As ridiculous as it sounds you know this is true.

It is no secret that most people will spend more time preparing for and planning their vacation than they do their own lives. The key to being prepared for all areas of your life is to look at what you want to achieve and plan out simple steps to achieve it.

Let’s look at a simple plan for eating healthy. People are always telling me that they can’t eat healthy at work or when on the go but that is only because they are not prepared to do so.

Plan out your meals for each day

Make a grocery list for those meals

Take one day to make the meals for the rest of the week

Separate cooked food into individual meals

Store individual meals in a zip lock bag or air tight container

Put Monday through Wednesday meals into the refrigerator

Put Thursday through Saturday meals in the freezer

On Wednesday take the food out of the freezer for the rest of the week

Bring your meals with you to work or when you go out.

Put a plan like this together for every area of your life, implement them a little at a time and you will be thrilled with the new direction your life has taken.

As I travel I have countless people come up to me and tell me they would love to follow my advise but simply don’t have the time.   Give me a break – You have plenty of time!   It doesn’t matter if you are a student, business person, stay at home mom, entrepreneur or employee, time is a rare commodity. Many people today simply don’t accomplish all they need to but I don’t think time is the culprit. These same people are unfocused and drag through the day, taking too long to do tasks because of their lack of focus. Then, when they go home to sleep they have an un-restful night’s sleep and wake up tired. This is an endless, but unnecessary, cycle for many today. We are all given the same 10,080 minutes in a week. Some people have the time to change the world and some barely have the time to change their socks. Time isn’t the issue. The real issue is having enough energy to use the time given to us effectively. Think about that for a moment. It is very profound, if I do say so myself.

Planning and Scheduling

I know I am preaching to the choir when I bring up planning and scheduling but stick with me for a moment.  If you are reading this post you know how to effectively plan and manage your time for working out, eating and all the essentials in your life.   If you are struggling in any area of your life just take the tools and discipline you use to build your body to build a career, a family or a business.  In my next book I introduce the Lifestyle Restoration Cycle that will help you make this even more effective and effortless.

Your mental, physical and spiritual health is your responsibility, not the doctor’s, your pastor’s or your psychiatrist’s. In fact, I have many doctors consult with me on how to eat properly and exercise effectively because medical school doesn’t focus on preventative but on curative medicine. Planning your time is the key to great health and fitness, as well as success in all areas of your life.

Commit today, to a lifestyle that supports you instead of cripples you.  The Power of Positive Fitness Lifestyle!

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