I recently met a wonderful girl who was talking to me about how she was getting ready for her first competition. She said that she was so happy to talk to me because finally she met someone local who understood her and did not question her fitness motives…which brings me to the topic of this week’s blog. LABRADA Nutrition, it is SO important that you surround yourself with POSITIVE people who SUPPORT you and never let ANYONE sway you from your GOALS! Only surround yourself with those PEERS who provide you encouraging CHEERS!!

When you become inspired to achieve a goal, whether it be fitness-related or not, STICK TO IT and do not let critics ever stop you! It is crucial that you not let anyone hinder the PROGRESS that you are looking to make! Be strong in your determination to SUCCEED! Always set your OWN BENCHMARK and follow your own heart! Understand that what might be RIGHT for you is not necessarily what is going to be “right” for everyone, but that certainly does not make it “WRONG”! Never change to “fit in” to another person’s way of life and stay FOCUSED on what your mind and heart tell you to do. DO what makes YOU happy! If others do not support you, that is okay, but it is NOT okay to stop pursuing your dreams as a result! If you find that you feel that you are trying to be “dragged down”, perhaps you should cut yourself loose…

Remember, you were given a specific “calling”, so FOLLOW THAT DREAM…and never the footsteps of someone who ultimately wishes to lead you off of your ideal path.


Stay motivated! 🙂