Mind Conditioning

Mind Conditioning
by Jesse de la Cruz

Beyond pumping iron, dieting, and cardio there is another kind of preparation for physique competitons, a preparation just as important  that involves adjusting your attitude and mental approach to training and competition.  You can achieve great things with your body if you use your mind.  Furthermore,  learning to harness the power of your mind can advance your physical training a giant step further.  Taking this perspective can also make the difference between winning and losing in competition.  Greats of bodybuilding such as Lee Labrada were known for their cerebral approach to competition; their strongest body part was their “mind”.

Mind power and success through mind conditioning only comes with a sustained and sincere effort.  You cannot make a wish, hope that it comes true, and forget about working on it.  The mind reacts much the same way the body does.  If you train and condition it regularly, it responds with great efficiency and effectiveness.  On the other hand, if you assume, as so many physique competitors do, that it is good enough the way it is, your chances of achieving your maximum potential are greatly diminished.  If you had foolishly assumed that attitude about your body, you would never have entered the gym to train in the first place. Even if you are not training to present yourself on stage, most would like to achieve maximum potential in the gym.

The key to understanding what your mind holds in store for you is a simple realization.  Realize that within you is all the power you need to succeed both in training and in competition; put yourself in the driver seat.  Within you is all the potential for success.  A successful program includes motivation, incentive, visualization, and, most important of all, belief.  You have got to believe.

Once you reach the realization that your mind holds a vast wealth of knowledge, information, control, power, ability, and potential-you can start to tap into it.  You can delve into your own secret depths and find out what you are really made of.  I myself know the importance of a strong cerebral approach in order to dig deep during the last few weeks of contest prep.  Mind conditioning helped me to realize, “the mind is a battlefield, the battle is in your mind”.  Thank you for reading and always “stay positive”

Jesse de la Cruz

About the Author

Jesse de la Cruz is a Registered Nurse with a minor in Nutrition.  He is also a National Level Bodybuilder whose passion is to help others achieve their fitness goals via weight training, cardiovascular exercise and good nutrition.

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  1. DeeDee


    December 20, 2011 11:47 pm

    Way to go Jesse…you’re very inspirational!